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Why The Revival should not get injured anytime soon

Anant Sharma
8.48K   //    21 Dec 2017, 19:02 IST

Foerever The Revival
Forever The Revival

The Revival returned last week on Raw, after another hiatus of five months due to an injury to Scott Dawson. Before that it was Dash Wilder who suffered a jaw injury at an NXT live event, that halted their first push on the main roster.

The Top Guys are arguably the best tag team not only in the WWE but maybe in the whole world. They delivered some of the best tag team matches last year against #DIY and Authors Of Pain, and stole every single NXT Takeover with some unbelievable chemistry between them.

They were a throwback to the old school tag teams, where played the role of cunning heels to the precision against the babyface team of DIY and won the NXT tag team titles two times. It was almost inevitable that they would thrive on the main roster after their call-up.

The Revival debuted on the episode of Raw after Mania last year, when they answered the open challenge issued by The New Day and defeated them, and were ready for a major push. However, Dash Wilder's injury derailed everything that WWE had planned for them.

It was visible that someone in the back had a lot of faith in The Revival, as they were shoved into the feuds with The New Day and later on with The Hardy Boyz and The Club, but nothing came to fruition.

Ask Finn Balor what an injury at a wrong time can do to your career -- he was the first ever Universal Champion but after that injury, he had to relinquish his title, and now Balor is feuding with some lower mid-card talents in aimless matches.

Hideo Itami is another prime example, who debuted in NXT with a lot of expectations, but due to the multiple injuries, he never had the chance to showcase his full potential and lost all the momentum. As a fan, you just feel sad for him, knowing how insanely talented the guy is in the ring.

The WWE and more particularly Vince McMahon is not known to be a fan of the injury prone guys. The Revival got off to a bad start and they need to be careful with their bodies now. Injuries are unfortunate, but another injury at this time or in the near future can be career breaking for them.

I hope that they achieve all the success in the world, and possibly a dream match between The Revival and The Young Bucks.

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