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Opinion: Why Turning Braun Heel was not a Good Idea and Why It would Probably Never Work?

Harsh Agrawal
799   //    11 Sep 2018, 16:03 IST


Braun Strowman was the MVP of Raw. He was loved by all the wrestling fans alike.You know you are in for something special the moment Braun's music hits. I have not heard anyone saying that they do not enjoy when Strowman comes out to Squash the life out of his opponent. He has had a pretty good year till now.

Eliminating a record 5 wrestlers in the Elimination Chamber match, winning the Greatest Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank Ladder Match were some of the highlights of this year. He changed the way WWE Universe would look at the tall wrestlers. But, he did that all when he was playing the babyface.

In order to get Roman Reigns over the fans, WWE decided to turn Strowman heel a couple of weeks ago, which was a bad decision to start with. Braun is the face of the company and he probably gets the biggest cheer from the crowd when he comes out irrespective of which part of the world the show is.

The management thought that by turning their biggest asset heel, crowd will start rooting for Reigns in their match at Hell in a Cell for Universal Championship. Maybe they forgot that people boo Roman despite him being a babyface is because of this situation only. For years, Vince has put Roman over more deserving guy just like now he is doing with Braun and expects people to cheer for him, which is quite impossible according to my opinion.

By turning Braun heel, they compromised with his monstrous character. It is the same character that writers and Braun have worked hard all these years to make it one of the most dangerous character of all time. Now, since he has turned heel, he has to adapt some of the basic characterestics that every heel in the company has.

He all of a sudden needs support from other guys despite the fact that him being the lone wolf was his biggest USP. Have we forgotten about the build-up towards his match at Wrestlemania 34? And, He has to tell the crowd that he do not care what they think about him, which is a classic tactic to turn any babyface to heel.

At the latest episode of Raw, he surrounded himself in the ring with all the heels from the locker, which made him look like he is scared to face Shield on his own. And when they finally arrived and started having a brawl with those heels, he along with McIntyre and Ziggler, ran up to the stage and just stood there. The old Braun would have never done this. He does not feel like the Monster he is supposed to be.

Let's just hope that this is just temporary and he will again get into his older self after this feud with Roman ends and we can again start looking at him like the astonishing figure that he is.

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