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Why WrestleMania 34 failed to live up to the expectations

Kartik Seth
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A show that promised a lot, but delivered very little.
A show that promised a lot, but delivered very little.

What in the hell went wrong with WWE WrestleMania 34 last night? In my previous article, I wrote 5 reasons 'Mania 34 was the best card ever presented in the history of professional wrestling.

However, a show that promised to be the biggest show in the history of professional wrestling history transformed into a lengthy and plodding affair that will indeed go down among the disappointing 'Mania editions in the history of the pay per view.

Unlike the 30th edition, which also took place in the same stadium and ended with one of the biggest crowd pop in modern history, 'Mania 34 ended in complete silence following another boring Brock Lesnar encounter.

There is certainly gonna be an elaborated discussion regarding how WWE literally screwed up on a pay per view that was loaded with a plethora of world class encounters.

WWE will have a hard time finding the short comings given that almost all of their top superstars featured on the show. In my opinion though, these are the 5 things or reasons that led to the downfall of 'Mania 34.

#5 Rusev Day? Who cares about that?

How is he a better choice than The Bulgarian Brute?
How is he a better choice than The Bulgarian Brute?

WWE has a history of generating special 'Mania moments with superstars who are massively over with the fans, and no superstar on the whole roster is more over with the WWE universe than Rusev.

His sky-rocketing popularity, and his subsequent addition to the US title match at 'Mania, not only brought a new life to the dead US Title picture, but also gave him much needed spotlight.

Loud chants of Rusev Day were heard during the pre-show, and Aiden English easily got one of the biggest pop while introducing The Bulgarian Brute.

Fans could sense Rusev Day at 'Mania, and WWE screws it all, again. Not only did, the most popular superstar in the match, fail to win the title, he was asked to lay down for Jinder Mahal.

Of all people on the roster, WWE chose the least popular wrestler, someone who sucked the life out of the product last year, to pin their most loved superstar.

Does WWE really not care about what the fans want? This was the first death blow to the show as the fans clearly displayed their disdain by giving absolutely no reaction to Mahal's win.

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