Opinion: Will John Cena retire from WWE in 2018?

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John Cena

As Free Agent John Cena makes limited appearances on both Raw and Smackdown, could the end of his WWE career be on the horizon?

Now that his moniker as the "face of the company" has finally ended due to part-time appearances, what's left for Cena to accomplish? Could he be on his way out of the company in 2018, or will he continue to make limited appearances for years to come?


Some might say he may stay with the company longer so that he will eventually pass Ric Flair's record world title reign with 17 world championship wins, which I personally believe will happen.

Now that Cena is currently tied at 16 world championships with Flair, it's not hard to believe that he could very well win another world championship, despite being a part-time performer.

This is especially true if you consider the fact many part-time wrestlers over the past decade such as Triple H, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Goldberg, etc., have won World titles despite making limited appearances.

Cena could very well win his 17th world title this year and be featured in a high-profile match at Wrestlemania 34.


What will the WWE have for him now that he's part-time? I seriously doubt that they will turn Cena heel, even though his career is dwindling down. I even thought of that myself when I remembered they turned Hulk Hogan turned heel in 1996 when his run was getting stale. However, due to Cena's "goody two-shoes" character, I don't think it will ever happen.

Also, what high-profile match is there left for Cena to be a part of? While there is still speculation that a match with The Undertaker could happen, Cena's had a lot of matches with many of the full-time main event wrestlers such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, more.

There are rumors circulating that Cena could have a big-time match with Bill Goldberg

It's going to be a pretty interesting year for John Cena, especially as WrestleMania 34 is only a few months away. Whether you love or hate him, there is no doubt that John Cena has made a huge impact on the wrestling world.

We're just going to have to wait and see to find out what's next for John Cena.

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