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Will a split ruin Enzo Amore’s run in WWE?

7.46K   //    14 Jul 2016, 18:31 IST
Will plans for Cass to face Brock Lesnar ruin Enzo Amore’s run in WWE?

His name is Enzo Amore and his is a “Certified G” and pretty soon, he could be a man without a tag team partner.

The combination of the little spark plug and the 7-foot giant has been a huge success in WWE since they were called up to the main roster with the Vaudevillians, however, a change might be on the horizon that could leave Amore looking for a spot in company’s machine.

Cass, who looked solid in his work in singles competition when Amore was out with an injury, could be in line to face The Beast Brock Lesnar in the near future. That is great news for the former NXT upstart, but once again, it becomes a game of where would Amore fit – whether it be in the mid card in singles competition or in the tag team division with another partner.

The shtick Enzo and Cass have with the fans is electric – budding on stardom much like the New Age Outlaws and the mic work of Road Dogg Jesse James. But since there is still plenty of green in their work, WWE may not give them a chance to showcase their talents over a long haul.

Even with a solid rub from John Cena – who will join them in a six-man tag match against The Club at Battleground, the forces of wrestling might be foreshadowing a bit with rumors of Cass and Lesnar facing off at some point.

Will this union end in divorce at the WWE Draft? Can this team still find WWE gold in its future as tag team champions?

It’s a loose comparison, but the separation of these two would have the same kind of effect of Mary Jannetty and Shawn Michaels splitting up or something along the lines of Eddie Gilbert and Tommy Rich. While I don’t foresee a feud amongst these two like those two tag teams, I do see one going on to title challenges and the other suffering greatly. You can figure out which is which.

According to, “during the weeks when he was on his own Big Cass stood out and proved he could work without Amore by his side and even though he isn't as strong on the microphone as his tag team partner the WWE has been pushing Cass to make him appear very strong and according to Dave Meltzer, that could be intentional for a possible feud with Brock Lesnar down the road.”

If Meltzer says it, should there be some potential to the rumor becoming truth?

Prior to the two coming to his rescue in a segment with The Club, Cena was outspoken about Amore and his work, saying it reminded him a lot like his – a great compliment from one of the biggest stars in the business. The truth is, Cena can stand on his own. We don’t know if Amore can. Cass may go on to huge success and possible title runs, but Amore – if there is a split, may become just another performer lost in the WWE shuffle.

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