Will any WWE Superstars align themselves with Edge in his feud with The Judgment Day?

The WWE Superstar currently finds himself outnumbered after being turned on by The Judgment Day
The WWE Superstar currently finds himself outnumbered after being turned on by The Judgment Day

Right before WWE presented WrestleMania 38, we were shown a completely different side of Edge than we've seen in a long time. Gone were all the smiles, replaced with the scowl of a rabid animal.

The WWE Universe had happily welcomed the Rated-R Superstar back into the fold when it was discovered in 2020 that through time, patience, and medical procedures, his supposedly career-ending injuries had healed.

For his part, Edge didn't let them down, performing admirably at the Royal Rumble and engaging in an excellent feud with Randy Orton.

When he issued an open challenge for this year's WrestleMania, it ended with AJ Styles answering the call. It also led to Edge violently and viciously attacking The Phenomenal One and turning heel in the process. He formed The Judgment Day shortly thereafter, aligning himself with Damian Priest. The pair fortified their ranks by adding Rhea Ripley a few weeks later.

Edge defeated Styles twice, and then Judgment Day was victorious over the three-person team of Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan at this past weekend's Hell in a Cell event.

The faction was on a roll, and their leader was tweeting out clues as to who the next potential member might possibly be. We got the answer on Monday night.

At WWE RAW this week, it all came tumbling down for Edge, and he didn't even see it coming

In a shocking move, Finn Balor came to the ring during Judgment Day's promo and confessed that he had seen the light. He was ready to join the group, and everyone looked like one big, happy family. Within seconds, the fans' brains were working in high gear, already weighing out the possibilities of the group as a four-person unit.

That's when, without warning, the group turned on the man who founded it. The pack of wild dogs decided to bite the hand that had been feeding them.

It's clear now that Edge will look to get revenge on his former proteges. On one side, you have three of the best performers in the world. Edge stands on the opposite end of the battle, like an island unto himself.

Will any WWE Superstars come to his aid? Based on his recent track record, it's doubtful that very many of the company's babyfaces would be willing to trust him. Someone who could have been a great weapon in this war is Styles, but you can't blame him if still holds a grudge against Edge.

The Rated-R Superstar may be alone in his feud with The Judgment Day for now. At some point, you would think that someone on the roster would eventually take a chance and join him. However, he may have to pay some dues and bleed buckets first in order to convince them.

His equity in the term 'trust' has shown a lot of diminishing returns for his former friends. So, it's only natural that many of the other WWE Superstars may just look to avoid him.

It will be interesting to see if Edge is forced to be a lone wolf among his peers, shunned for his recent actions. If he chooses to battle Judgment Day alone, it will be the fight of is life... and an angle for the ages.

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