Will Xavier Woods' King of the Ring win lead to an eventual heel turn?

Could Xavier Woods be a hinting a heel turn after his big King of the Ring victory?
Could Xavier Woods be a hinting a heel turn after his big King of the Ring victory?

The King of the Ring 2021 has come and gone, and Xavier Woods has been the man who rose to the throne.

Woods, who has often been considered the 'low man on the totem pole' in the New Day faction, accomplished the greatest moment of his singles career at Crown Jewel when he defeated Finn Balor for the crown. After sometimes being overshadowed by his teammates - both WWE World Champions in their own right - he had a great moment in the spotlight in Saudi Arabia.

It was a huge win for Woods, and one he certainly deserves.

Woods has long been considered one of the promotion's most underrated performers, and there is no doubting he is very deserving of this achievement. Like his teammates? He has proven that he's not just a tag team wrestler, he can hold his own all by himself.

Having said that? The always positive performer made sure to do a lot of trash talking to the camera following his coronation. He showed an aggressive side that may be a hint of future things to come.

We're not crying... you're crying. πŸ™πŸ˜­πŸ¦„ALL HAIL KING WOODS! He did it! Xavier Woods is YOUR #WWE King of the Ring winner, defeating Finn Balor in the finals.Sportskeeda Wrestling's LIVE coverage of #WWECrownJewel:

While the veteran superstar has never been afraid to be brash? The KOTR win could lead to a much different character in the weeks ahead for Woods. And as New Day continues to seemingly go their separate ways, this could be an evolution for the group's baby brother.

Woods definitely has the charisma and personality to pull it off. Between his ability to be sarcastic and funny, while also having incredible in-ring talent, he could be a great villain as the arrogant 'King'. WWE could book Woods to let this victory eventually go to his head, and make him an out-of-control narcissist. Possibly even leading to a confrontation with either Kofi Kingston or Big E... or both.

No matter what direction he goes from here, Crown Jewel should definitely be a turning point for Woods, as he looks to achieve the same singles success as his teammates. He has the persona to take wear the crown proudly, but also the ability to make a turn to the dark side if necassary.

It will be interesting to see what will come during the reign of King Woods. Will he rule with honor, or with an iron fist?

What do you think of Xavier Woods' King of the Ring victory? Where do you think he will go from here? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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