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Worst attires in the WWE: Part 2

Top 5 / Top 10 17 Jul 2013, 19:33 IST

The word ‘attire’, when used as a verb means ‘Be dressed in clothes of a specified kind’. The WWF/E took the word ‘specific’ to an unimaginable extent as they thought fans would reciprocate and relate to the various attires that the superstars wore. Some attires and dresses became cult hits whereas others were undeniably bizarre.  Let us take a walk down memory lane as we highlight some of WWE/F’s worst attires ever.

10) Dusty Rhodes

dusty rhodes

The ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes always said that he represented the working class of the WWE universe. But why the yellow polka-dotted dress with the identical hair band, nobody knew. The dance that accompanied the bizarre costume made it even more  impossible to watch Dusty. But come what may, he has perhaps contributed immensely to the wrestling world and we respect him for that.

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