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Worst WWE Gimmicks of all-time: 5 Worst gimmicks from the Ruthless Aggression Era

Pratyay Ghosh
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Kerwin White’s catchphrase was “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right”

The Ruthless Aggression Era saw a marked improvement in the overall wrestling product from the Attitude Era but with residual elements of the car crash television that made the WWE famous in the late 90’s. Some gimmicks from the Ruthless Aggression Era were as bad as the worst of its Attitude Era predecessors.

Some tasteless and some downright racist and insulting, the WWE didn’t tread water back then unlike today. Instead, Vince McMahon went the whole hog to give us gimmicks that only he found funny or entertaining. With a fair share of terrible gimmicks during the Ruthless Aggression Era, terrible gimmicks like S.H.I.T Rosey (Superhero In Training), Mordecai and the MexiCools didn’t even make this list.

What’s worse than taking 3 of Mexico’s most talented cruiserweight’s and turning them into Mexican stereotypes who came to the ring on lawnmowers? Read on to find out.

5: Vito

Vito LoGrasso wrestled in a dress at one point in his caree

Vito LoGrasso was a decent in-ring worker who made his WWE debut as part of the Full Blooded Italian’s faction along with Nunzio and Johnny Stromboli. A few cases of bad locker room behavior later and Vito was given the gimmick of a crossdresser. What’s better for a storyline than homophobia, right?

Vito came out to the ring to wrestle in a dress with colour commentator JBL voicing his displeasure of a man wrestling in a dress. MVP and Willing Regal even threatened Raw GM Teddy Long with a sexual harassment lawsuit to get out of a match with Vito.

The gimmick was more uncomfortable than anything else for those watching and only helped get Vito released soon after.

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