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WrestleMania 34: 6 OMG Moments from the Grand Spectacle

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The moments that bring out such reactions from the fans.
The moments that bring out such reactions from the fans

WrestleMania 34 is in the history books now, and Boy! What a roller coaster show it was.

A seven-hour long show featuring all of WWE's top superstars in a total of 14 matches, WrestleMania was a show that will be remembered for a long, long time for various good and bad reasons.

Beginning the main card with a match that will go down as one of the best opening contest in the history of 'Mania, the show ended on a sour note with the main event disappointing in every aspect.

However, as has been the case of all the 'Manias in recent history, the show was not devoid of memorable moments that will stay in the memories of the fans.

Living up to its tag of being the Biggest Wrestling Show of the year, WrestleMania 34 delivered a moment that literally left the fans in a state of shock and had them screaming, as legendary commentator Joey Styles would say, OH MY GOD.

Here are the 6 jaw-dropping moments from the 34th edition of the Super Bowl of Wrestling - WrestleMania.

#6 Charlotte goes Spanish

High Flying moves are not that uncommon in WWE anymore, with even big guys like Kevin Owens taking the aerial route during their matches.

However, there are still some moves which are rarely seen on WWE programming due to the difficulty and risk involved in executing them, and Spanish Fly is definitely one of those moves.


Mustafa Ali performing that move on the pre-show might have looked impressive, but it was one bettered by The Queen herself during her match against Asuka.

With both superstars standing on the second rope, it seemed like Charlotte would either hit a superplex or a hurricanrana.

However, Charlotte shocked everyone by climbing to the top rope and executed a near perfect Spanish Fly on Asuka to a thunderous reaction from the crowd.

Even though Charlotte stumbled during its execution, the fact that a move so rare was executed by a female wrestler, that also at the grandest stage, was enough to generate praise from the critics.

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