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WrestleMania 35: 3 Reasons why Baron Corbin is not the ideal option to retire Kurt Angle

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Corbin and Kurt Angle
Corbin and Kurt Angle

It is official.

Kurt Angle announced on WWE RAW (March 18) that he will face Corbin at WrestleMania 35. Unless there is some sort of twist, the match is likely to take place. However, there are some reasons why it is not an ideal WrestleMania match. Sure it is a good match, but it is not a WrestleMania caliber match.

Also, consider that this is going to be Kurt Angle's final match. His countless fans would be hoping for the match to be the best. Everyone is aware of the fact that Kurt Angle is not the superstar he once used to be. The legend had considerably slowed down in the ring.

However, it would be a good nostalgia moment to see the legend finally waving goodbye to his fans at a grand stage like WrestleMania. Such an important WrestleMania match is going to feature Corbin. Let's now see the reasons why the lone wolf is not the ideal candidate to be featured against Kurt Angle in his retirement match.

#3 It comes at the cost of a potential dream match

A young John Cena confronting Kurt Angle
A young John Cena confronting Kurt Angle

It needs no explanation to prove that WrestleMania is the most important event of WWE. Naturally, they would do everything in their power to put up nothing less than a grand spectacle. Either the matches need to be exciting or the build-up needs to be top notch.

At 50 years of age, Kurt may not be able to pull off a high-quality match. Watch his recent matches. He's slowed down considerably in the ring. Thus there would be no high expectations for his WrestleMania match unless it has something for the fans to care about.

A match against John Cena was much expected by the WWE Universe. This is due to the fact that Cena showed up for his in-ring debut in 2002 against Kurt Angle after answering his challenge. Things would have come full circle for Cena if he had retired Kurt.

Corbin has a recent history with Kurt, but it is not as intense and nostalgic as Cena's history with him. Even the Chicago crowd chanted "we want Cena" after Kurt announced that he will face Corbin. It is reason enough that the fans badly want the good old match instead.

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