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Wrestling feuds between real brothers.

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In the world of WWE programming, matches and stories are choreographed and created as kayfabe to the WWE universe as real-life events.

WWE superstars are trained professionally to understand the storylines created by the WWE producers and do their best in selling the stories to the WWE Universe. As a result, there have been instances where WWE storylines have broken brotherhood and familial ties between WWE superstars.

Today, we bring you a list of feuds between WWE superstars who were brothers. In these instances, the WWE creative team turned these superstars into sworn enemies even though they were brothers in real life.

#3 Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner

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Scott and Rick Steiner, real-life brothers, began their professional wrestling career with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). They later moved to WWF (now WWE) where they experienced immense success as the then WWF tag team champions. Following their success with the WWF, they returned to the WCW in 1998 and would later feud against one another.

Scott was the first to turn heel as he changed his haircut and increased his mass muscle. He began refusing to tag his brother during matches to show that he would be able to win matches on his own without Rick's support. In 1998, they lost their tag team championship belt because of Scott's refusal to tag in Rick. On 22 February 1998, Scott turned against his brother Rick in their tag team match against the Outsiders.

Scott would walk out of the match, leaving his brother to be defeated by the outsiders. This would begin a feud between the two brothers until they reunited shortly before the demise of the WCW franchise. Scott and Rick Steiner are considered by many as one of the greatest tag team partners in the history of professional wrestling.

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