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10 greatest SmackDown moments of all time

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SmackDown is the second longest running episodic series on TV

The landscape of WWE has been altered with WWE entering a new era. Fresh faces are now being pushed, while the brand extension has given the rest of the locker room a new lease of sorts. While for the last decade, RAW was considered the “A brand”, with SmackDown going live on USA Network, things have taken an interesting turn.

The fact that Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon – two of the most popular figures in WWE today are spearheading the new era on the blue brand gives the fans and superstars renewed hope. SmackDown is no longer the “B show”, or the show where RAW is recapped.

Going live has certainly helped SmackDown, considering the fact that the first edition of SmackDown Live drew in higher ratings than RAW for that week! However, there have been other monumental moments that took place on the blue brand. Today, we take a look at the 10 greatest SmackDown moments in history.

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