10 WWE Superstars Involved in Domestic Violence

Starting off with a statutory warning, you might start doubting your favorite wrestler after reading the list because he could turn out to be a wife beater.Now since that is off the chest, here goes: There are a lot of definitions out there for domestic violence but the basic premise is someone beating up their wife or husband thanks to some argument that goes way out of the hands.And if you thought this scenario is applicable only for the regular people, think again. In fact, professional wrestlers are notorious for being involved in Domestic violence and here is a look at some of those shocking incidents where the superstars turned into abusers or victims for some good old Domestic abuse.

#10 John Morrison

Remember John Morrison and Melina from MNM? Even if the answer is no, it’s a plain old lie since it’s hard to forget that split Melina used to do before entering the ring.

However, many people wouldn’t be aware of the real life relation that these two had. They were dating back in 2012 and were charged with domestic violence. The reason for the assault was never disclosed, but there were a lot of friction between the two which later led to a breakup.

The reason, if you are wondering, was Batista. Melina was apparently having an affair with the Animal and when Morrison found out, problems started poking up in their relation. They stuck together even after that but broke up eventually.

#9 Goldust

Dustin Rhodes is one of the most respected superstars in the current roster, but he did have a rotten past. Rhodes constantly struggled with his addictions and it was indeed a miraculous turnaround when he came out clean from all those.

One of the worst chapters of his past came with former WWE Diva Terri Runnels. After their divorce, Rhodes lived with his daughter Dakota and new girlfriend whom he abused one night.

Rhodes soon ended up in jail leaving a young Dakota alone in the room weeping for her mother. This shocking news was revealed by Terri herself as she felt so bad for her daughter and how Rhodes behaved in the whole incident.

#8 Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes was the victim of some vicious domestic violence in 2012 when her fiancé physically assaulted her in an Airport Bathroom stall. The culprit was a former WWE Superstar Andy Slocum, who played Tyson Kidd’s bodyguard back in 2010.

Solcum’s career didn’t really take off from the ground as he was released by WWE after he failed to attend some of the training sessions. This incident happened after the firing so WWE was lucky enough to not have a women beater in their roster.

Rosa acknowledged that Solcum was also involved with another woman during the time and added that he used to abuse her on a regular basis.

#7 Scott Hall

Scott Hall has a serious no. of cases against him and that includes domestic violence as well. After the self-defense murder and numerous public intoxications, Hall was charged with domestic abuse when he choked his girlfriend.

The incident took place back in 2012 and Hall was influenced heavily by alcohol. His girlfriend claimed that Hall had been drinking for days and grabbed her by the throat several times.

Police came by after domestic disturbance and with the help of two sets of handcuffs, they took him to the nearest hospital to get some medical clearance since he was too drunk to stay in jail.

#6 Sunny

She is probably the first ever woman wrestler that turned into a ‘Diva,’ but Sunny boasts a surprising number of charges against her. Sunny had a horrible relationship with her former boyfriend Damien Darling which later landed her up in rehab.

Sunny was arrested five times in the space of one month after she broke the protective orders. At one instance, she was even spotted breaking into her boyfriend’s house and then passing out there.

She spent some quality time in jail and to make sure that she didn’t have a longer stay, Sunny agreed to go to rehabilitation. Her personal life again took a big low as Sunny was seen showing off in Skype in exchange for money.

#5 Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is the latest entry into the list after choke slamming his own 18-year-old son on Christmas Eve (beat that for a Christmas present).

The former WCW and WWE superstar who boasts an impressive career record despite being an average wrestler was known for his hesitance to put young talent over, and the internet soon sprang into action when they came to know he did this to his son.

Nash claimed that his son, Tristen was intoxicated when he came home and acted in a disrespectful way to his parents which included a spit on the face. Nash went onto ground his son right there and right then, giving the internet another spicy wrestling story in the Holiday season.

#4 Ric Flair

Though you might expect Ric Flair to be on the giving side, he was actually on the receiving side. Back in 2012, Flair called the police over to his house to stop his wife from beating him. The policemen came in and made sure Flair was safe from the hands of his wife even though no one was arrested.

And to embarrass Flair further, this wasn’t even the first occasion. His wife, Jacqueline Bains Beems, was locked up in 2010 for assaulting Flair and leaving him bloody and bruised.

So if you thought that being a terror in between the ropes is enough, get the story of Flair into that head and never under estimate the power of women.

#3 Chyna

Speaking of women, there wouldn’t have been a more dominating woman than Chyna in the professional wrestling history. And Chyna was not only dominant in between the ropes, she was dominant off it as well.

In 2005, the former Intercontinental champion was arrested on the New Year’s Day for beating up her husband Sean Waltman (X-Pac). Poor Sean had to suffer a lot of punches and kicks in front of his own children and immediately filed a case against Chyna.

This incident came right after the release of their sex tape called 1 Night In China, so the possibility of this being a cheap trick for publicity could never be taken out of picture.

#2 Chris Benoit

No, this is not about the three days that shook the Wrestling world; this is about the domestic violence that happened years before the eventual death of Benoit.

Back in 2003, Nancy Benoit filed a divorce paper against her husband. In the file, Nancy claimed that Benoit used to cause a lot of chaos in the house when he lost his temper. She also noted that she feared for herself and her child due to Benoit’s behavior.

She cancelled the restraining order and divorce papers three months later but if she had stuck with her decision, a big disaster could’ve been avoided. Also, Benoit would’ve been still in the roster alongside the likes of Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins.

#1 Stone Cold Steve Austin

We know the beer drinking Steve Austin, we know the rebellious Steve Austin but many might not know about the wife beater Steve Austin. He might’ve been one of the biggest names during the Attitude Era, but Austin once shocked the entire wrestling community back in 2002 with his violent skills.

He apparently beat up his then-wife Debra Marshall, who had bruises when the police reached the scene after she reported the incident to them. Debra claimed that Austin was a regular drug user and also pointed out that he was under influence during the whole incident. The duo divorced a year later, but Austin made the headlines once again in 2004.

He was accused of domestic violence by his then girlfriend Tess Broussard but Austin defended by saying Tess abused him as well, so it was fair if we look at the bigger picture right?

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