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WWE 205 Live Results (09/26/17): Enzo Amore gets his revenge

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Enzo Amore suffered an attack from all of 205 Live one day prior.
Enzo Amore suffered an attack from all of 205 Live one day prior

A recap of the cruiserweight segments on the previous night's Raw kicked this edition of 205 Live. Enzo Amore wanted to have a celebration for his Cruiserweight Championship win at No Mercy and wisely secured a no-contact clause from Kurt Angle against the other wrestlers in his division.

Neville decided that beating Enzo was better than a rematch for the title, so he laid waste to Amore to close out the Monday show.

The main take away from the Raw developments was the promo Enzo gave to the entire division. He mocked them and verbally tore them down in every way possible, painting himself as a very unlikable guy.

Neville's attack was likely intended to be presented as a person standing up to a loud-mouthed bully. However, it's hard to paint Amore completely as the villain from Raw because he then suffered such a lopsided thumping after the main broadcast went off of the air.

If Amore is truly supposed to be the heel champion for fans to disdain, this episode needed to clearly lay that out. By the end of the hour, that task does get accomplished.

#1 Enzo Amore addressed the Raw attack

At the start of the 205 Live broadcast, Amore came out with the assistance of a crutch. His left arm and shoulder were completely wrapped up in some sort of black bandaging. Enzo bragged that he's the reason people stayed up late to watch this show then called the former champ ugly.

Neville showed the footage of what happened after Raw went off the air. The entire cruiserweight division, including Braun Strowman, took turns beating up on Amore.

The live crowd hilariously chanted "You deserve it" after seeing that footage. Enzo cleverly responded as if they were happy for his title win. Amore stated that his mother was in the front row to witness the Raw beatdown. He brought up the fact that every cruiserweight in the entire division, and presumably Braun Strowman, violated the no contact clause, which meant that he may as well retire as champ.

The new commentary team for 205 Live is now Vic Joseph and Byron Saxton. They explained that Ariya Davari will take on Neville later in the show. Drew Gulak was then seen backstage, heading towards the ring. There was going to be a match between Tony Nese and Akira Tozawa, happening next.

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