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WWE 205 Live Results (April 10th, 2020): Winners, Grades, Video Highlights and more

Tony Nese has some unfinished business
Tony Nese has some unfinished business
Greg Bush
Modified 11 Apr 2020, 08:19 IST
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In the coming weeks, we'll begin the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, the fourth tournament featuring the Cruiserweights dating all the way back to the Cruiserweight Classic.

With Jordan Devlin unable to return to the United States, GM Drake Maverick revealed the idea for the tournament, stating that the winner would represent 205 Live and NXT until Jordan Devlin would be able to return and rightfully reclaim his throne.

Last month during the NXT/205 Live elimination match, Tony Nese eliminated Danny Burch by knocking him out with the Singh cam. Tonight, Burch looked for some much-needed revenge.

Tony Nese vs Danny Burch

The Guvnor faced a tough opponent in the Premier Athlete
The Guvnor faced a tough opponent in the Premier Athlete

Nese had a game plan revolved around working over Danny Burch's knee. Taking him down after the two struggled back and forth in the beginning, he nearly trapped Burch in a single leg Boston Crab.

Burch was able to shake Nese, and would begin trading submission holds. Nese broke out of a side headlock, but had his leg picked in mid-air. Nese responded with a back elbow that took Burch to the floor.


Nese bounced Burch around the ringside, bouncing his head off the apron repeatedly. Back inside, he kept up the attack with a body splash that earned him a two-count. Burch managed to get to his feet and began picking up steam. Right hands, strong clotheslines, and a step-up enziguri set up for a missile dropkick from the second rope.

Burch's German suplex was escaped as Nese landed on his feet, responding with a leaping double stomp. Another near fall. After hanging Burch up on the top rope, Nese connected with the triangle moonsault.

Burch kicked out and found a way to lock in the crossface. Nese was trapped in the middle of the ring but was able to counter with a roll-up. Burch kicked out and was dumped in the corner with a German suplex. Running Nese put the Guvnor away.

Results: Tony Nese defeated Danny Burch via pinfall.

Grade: B-

After the match, Nese vented his frustration with the commentary team, who were setting up the next match featuring Jack Gallagher, a man Nese believed betrayed 205 Live last month.

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Published 11 Apr 2020, 08:19 IST
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