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WWE 205 Live Results (August 13th, 2019): Drew Gulak defends his Cruiserweight Championship, Akira Tozawa in action

  • Drew Gulak was in for the fight of his life against Oney Lorcan; Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado continue to clash.
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Oney Lorcan got one last shot at the Torture Machine
Oney Lorcan got one last shot at the Torture Machine

At SummerSlam, Drew Gulak narrowly escaped with the Cruiserweight Championship around his waist.

Thanks to a throat punch, he was able to take out Oney Lorcan with the Cyclone Crash. However, Drake Maverick felt that Lorcan was cheated, and gave him another chance for glory tonight.

Tonight we started off with a match between two rivals, Jack Gallagher and Akira Tozawa. A year back, Gallagher, Brian Kendrick, and Drew Gulak were making Akira Tozawa's life miserable.

Gallagher and Gulak wound up beating down Kendrick and leaving him battered and broken, setting up the friendship between him and Tozawa. Gallagher eventually broke off from Gulak, but there was still some serious tension between himself and Tozawa & Kendrick.

Jack Gallagher vs Akira Tozawa

Akira Tozawa kicked off this week
Akira Tozawa kicked off this week's edition of 205 Live

Gallagher brought Tozawa down with a snapmare into a side headlock. Tozawa turned it around with a headscissors. Gallagher struggled to break away from the hold, and after a minute finally escaped. Tozawa was taken out with an ankle pick.

Gallagher worked over Tozawa's ankle for some time before working towards his left arm for some joint manipulation. Tozawa got back to his feet and locked the Gentleman in the Iron Octopus. Gallagher quickly escaped, but Tozawa connected with a pair of chops and a delayed right jab, sending him spaghetti legged into the corner.

Tozawa attempted a springboard in the corner only for Gallagher to shoot his feet up at the same time, launching him face first onto the ring post before he crashed down to the ground below. Kendrick quickly rushed to his friend's aid, encouraging him to get up. He beat the count just before ten, but a busted open head forced the referee to put a pause on the match in order to clean up the wound.


When the match resumed, Gallagher tried to keep Tozawa down on the mat, but the Stamina Monster escaped another submission maneuver, laying out Gallagher with a shining wizard. The Senton Splash was Tozawa's next step, but he rolled through as Gallagher moved away.

Gallagher tried to trap Tozawa again, but was sent out with a yakuza kick followed up by a suicide dive to the outside. Inside the ring, Tozawa took his longtime rival down with a missile dropkick. Gallagher was planted on his face with a fireman's carry facebuster, and a single leg basement dropkick caught him on the jaw just as he got back up to one knee. An apron suplex was countered, and Gallagher stopped Tozawa's kicking combination with a dropkick.

Gallagher picked up Tozawa in a vertebreaker style position and drove him sternum first into the corner. He looked to bring him down with a superplex, but Tozawa sent him crashing to the mat below. The Senton Splash put away the Gentleman, who's leg hit the bottom rope. Sadly, the ref didn't see it.

Results: Akira Tozawa defeated Jack Gallagher via pinfall.

Following the video replay, it looked like Kendrick may have incidentally knocked his leg off the rope when pounding the apron, excited for Tozawa's victory. Gallagher backed up the ramp questioning what had just gone down.

Oney Lorcan cut a more serious promo than normal. The Star Destroyer said that Gulak took the easy road at SummerSlam. Tonight, though, he won't get that chance again. And tonight, he's walking out as the new Cruiserweight Champion.

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Published 14 Aug 2019, 09:07 IST
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