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WWE 205 Live Results (August 6th, 2019): Lince Dorado tempted by jealousy, Drew Gulak's SummerSlam challenger revealed

  • An explosive Six-Pack Challenge finally gave Drew Gulak a worthy challenger.
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A web of pain trapped Oney Lorcan and Jack Gallagher in the middle of the ring
A web of pain trapped Oney Lorcan and Jack Gallagher in the middle of the ring

Following his successful in-ring debut last week against Mike Kanellis, Drake Maverick opened the show by saying his focus is on his managerial duties with 205 Live, and not in competing. He even said that there were no hard feelings between himself and Kanellis, and said that he'll continue to judge him and every competitor on 205 Live fairly.

As far as Drew Gulak's opponent for SummerSlam, that will be decided tonight with a Six-Pack Challenge. Jack Gallagher, Ariya Daivari, Oney Lorcan, Kalisto, Tony Nese, and Akira Tozawa.

We kicked off tonight with a match between two of the best luchadors in the WWE. Last week, Lince Dorado claimed that Humberto Carrillo was a "real" luchador, and only used his past as a way to hype himself up. Tonight, Carrillo looked to prove him wrong.

Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado

Dorado and Carrillo traded control with wrist locks, managing to flip out of each other's holds. The LHP member made first blood with a running hurricanrana. Carrillo countered with a springboard armdrag, leading to a stalemate of missed strikes between the two and a handshake in the middle of the ring.

Carrillo connected with a springboard headbutt, sending the Golden Lynx outside. However, as he went for a suicide dive, Dorado caught him in the ropes with an enziguri. Dorado sent him out to the other side of the ring and struck Carrillo's jaw with a wrecking ball dropkick through the ropes. A springboard crossbody took Carrillo down to the ground.

Back inside, a springboard body splash led to a pinfall where Carrillo kicked out at two. Another body splash saw him kick out a bit faster. Dorado latched him inside a chin lock, driving his knee into his opponent's back at the same time. Dorado then moved towards his arms, bringing him back for a kneeling surfboard stretch.

Carrillo tried to get to his feet, but went back to his knees as Dorado connected with a few stomps to his spine. Carrillo finally managed to escape, countering a hurricanrana from Dorado with a roll-up. Dorado kicked out and dropped the young Superstar with a standing dropkick.


Dorado ran in for a dropkick in the corner only to bounce off the turnbuckle when Carrillo escaped. A second springboard armdrag was countered when Dorado dropped him face first. Carrillo got back to his feet, leading to a point where they took each other down with back to back dropkicks.

Carrillo pulled himself up in the corner and lured Dorado in. A snapmare to the middle of the ring allowed him to connect to the head with a running dropkick. Dorado kicked out at two. Frustration from Carrillo allowed Dorado to recover, hitting a spinning back kick on Carrillo and moving towards the top rope. Carrillo chased him only to be sent back down, though he landed on his feet.

A high angle crossbody from the top rope nearly ended the bout. Carrillo did manage to kick out again, and caught Dorado as he attempted the Golden Rewind. Dorado countered,with a victory roll and stood oup, carrying Carrillo to his feet for an over the shoulder facebuster. Carrillo rolled into the ropes where he was hung up with a leg drop from the top rope.

Dorado attempted to finish the match, but Carrillo rolled out of harm's way, sending Dorado crashing into the mat from a body splash attempt from up high. Carrillo caught him with a springboard kick to the jaw. Dorado was dragged to the corner as Carrillo set up for the Aztec Splash.

Dorado prevented Carrillo from taking flight, and chased him to the top rope. Carrillo fought him off, and as Dorado found himself standing on the ropes, a missile dropkick forced him to crash onto the apron and floor. Carrillo didn't give him any time to recover, diving over the ropes with an over the top rope moonsault plancha.

Neither man could beat the ten-count as Dorado tripped Carrillo up on the apron before he could get inside.

Results: Double Count Out.

As Dorado and Gran Metalik talked over what happened outside, Carrillo dove onto them both with another plancha, leaving them wiped out on the ground as he rolled back inside to celebrate.

Tony Nese cut a promo on his opportunity tonight. The Premier Athlete said he needed to be more than that to lead the division, and tonight he planned on showing a more dangerous side of himself. At SummerSlam, he's walking out as Cruiserweight Champion.

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Published 07 Aug 2019, 08:57 IST
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