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WWE 205 Live Results (December 6th, 2019): Lio Rush in action, Angel Garza sends a message 

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:16 IST

Could this be a sign of things to come?
Could this be a sign of things to come?

Next week, Lio Rush is slated to defend the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Angel Garza on Wednesday. However, before he does that, the Champ of the Hour would have to survive a brutal onslaught against the Guvnor Danny Burch.

Garza and Rush were able to choose their rivals' opponents on tonight's episode of 205 Live. Garza decided to bring in the most recent addition to 205 Live, the hard-hitting Danny Burch. A veteran brawler, Burch may leave some lasting injuries that Garza can exploit next week.

Recently, Raul Mendoza has impressed the Cruiserweight Champion, earning his respect in a few one-on-one contests. Rush has developed a pretty strong friendship with Mendoza at this point and felt that he could shock Garza tonight.

Angel Garza vs Raul Mendoza

Garza punished Mendoza, hoping Lio Rush was watching
Garza punished Mendoza, hoping Lio Rush was watching

Garza was tied up by Mendoza at the beginning, trapping Garza in an abdominal stretch. Garza managed to break away, leading to a stalemate between the two. Mendoza refused to shake Garza's hand, instead tossing him across the ring with a springboard arm drag.

A hurricanrana sent Garza to the floor, and a second one dropped him spine first on the ground. However, Garza seemingly injured Mendoza's spine when he yanked his feet off the apron, crashing him spine first across the steel, sending out a disgusting sound throughout the arena.

A superkick on the inside knocked out Mendoza. A reverse slingshot suplex planted him face first, and a second superkick earned Garza a nearfall. Mendoza was trapped in a single leg Boston crab for a while, with Garza demanding the WWE Universe shut up all the while.


Mendoza broke out and won a strike trade with his opponent, bending Garza over like an adcordion with a running dropkick. Avoiding an attack in the corner, Mendoza connected with a springboard dropkick, getting a two-count.

Garza managed to get back on tpo, however, setting Mendoza up in the corner for a dropkick to the chest. Mendoza escaped the Wing Clipper three times and leveled Garza with a flying roundhouse. Garza responded with a superkick, leaving both men out on the mat.

A standing Spanish Fly from Mendoza almost put Garza away. Mendoza followed up with a tope over the ropes, bringing Garza down. However, as they rolled in, Garza stunned him with a kick to the jaw, finishing him once and for all with the Wing Clipper.

Results: Angel Garza defeated Raul Mendoza via pinfall.

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Published 07 Dec 2019, 09:37 IST
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