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WWE 205 Live Results (February 7th, 2019): Oney Lorcan's cruiserweight return, NXT Cruiserweight Champion in action 

Greg Bush
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Modified 08 Feb 2020, 09:48 IST

205 Live is under a British takeover
205 Live is under a British takeover

This week, 205 Live was graced by the Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin, who captured the NXT Cruiserweight Championship at Worlds Collide. Though he didn't defeat Angel Garza, a pinfall over Isaiah "Swerve" Scott gave him his first championship in the WWE. Tonight, Devlin showed up in the land of the cruiserweights.

Our main event features the NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin in a triple threat with Lio Rush and Tony Nese. The latter two men have kicked off an incredibly explosive rivalry, and both feel they deserve a shot at the belt. A win over the champ tonight may just prove their point.

Last week, Oney Lorcan returned to 205 Live, saving his tag team partner Danny Burch from a two-on-one assault by The Brian Kendrick and Ariya Daivari. With One Two back together, they kicked off 205 Live tonight in tag team action.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs The Brian Kendrick & Ariya Daivari

One Two are back on 205 Live!
One Two are back on 205 Live!

Lorcan and Burch tore into Kendrick and Daivari, lighting both men up from the word go. Daivari and Lorcan were the legal men, with the Star Destroyer...well...destroying Daivari on the inside while Burch brutally battered Kendrick on the outside.

Burch tagged in as Kendrick and Daivari nearly caught Lorcan in a tag team maneuver. The Guvnor was able to take both men on two-on-one, leaving them dazed with strong punches. However, Daivari tripped up Burch as he bounced off the ropes, putting he and Kendrick back in control.

The duo took to Burch's leg, the one they'd attempted to injure last week. Kendrick trapped Burch in a heel hook, leaving him writhing in pain as Oney Lorcan looked on. Lorcan was foaming at the mouth as if he had rabies.


Burch finally broke away and tagged in Lorcan, who leveled bot Kendrick and Daivari with running uppercuts. A double running blockbuster took them down before he tagged in Burch. Daivari interrupted the elevated DDT with a chair, only for Burch to duck and hit a dropkick, sending the chair into Daivari's face.

Lorcan picked up the chair and battered the Persian Lion with it, forcing a DQ.

Results: Ariya Daivari & The Brian Kendrick defeated Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via DQ.

Oney almost caved Daivari's skull in with the chair, but Burch stopped him, instead demanding that he get the table, Dudley Boyz style!! Sadly, just before they could set it up, Kendrick yanked Daivari out of the ring.

The Singh Brothers vs Joe Furrow & Devin Dixie

The Singh Brothers completely ignored their opponents, opting to dance for the first minute. Dixie rocked Samir with a hard right to the jaw, but he recovered with a boot to the jaw.

The Singhs took out Dixie with a double dropkick to the jaw and a dual elbow drop. Dixie kicked out at two. Dixie fought out as Sunil tagged in, bouncing his head off the turnbuckle. Samir came in with a powerbomb, driving him from the top rope to the mat.

Furrow was met with dual superkicks on the apron, and the Singh Brothers finished Dixie off with the Bollywood Blast.

Results: The Singh Brothers defeated Joe Furrow & Devin Dixie via pinfall. 

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Published 08 Feb 2020, 09:48 IST
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