WWE 205 Live Results: Solid opening bout, Losing streak continues

Dante Chen and Draco Anthony battled in the main event of 205 Live
Dante Chen and Draco Anthony battled in the main event of 205 Live

This week's edition of 205 Live featured the debut of Nikkita Lyons (aka Faith Jefferies). Lyons recently signed with WWE after their Las Vegas tryouts. She battled Amari Miller, who has had a good run on the purple brand so far. Edris Enofe battled Guru Raaj to kick off the show in a solid opening bout while Dante Chen and Draco Anthony mixed it up in the main event.

Edris Enofe vs Guru Raaj on 205 Live

The two superstars engaged in a collar and elbow tie-up to kick off the contest where Raaj gained the upper hand. He put Enofe in the Head Scissors but the latter managed to get out of it and put the former in a side headlock.

Enofe and Raaj hit a series of big moves on each other, with the latter delivering a Hip toss and the former landing a Hurricanrana followed by a Fisherman's Carry Suplex for a near fall. Raaj went for a Monkey Flip followed by a Senton for a near fall of his own.

Enofe countered the Back Suplex and landed a Diving Upper cut from the top rope. He delivered a Spine Buster and a Shooting Star Press for the pinfall win.

Result: Edris Enofe defeated Guru Raaj via pinfall on 205 Live

Grade: A+

Amari Miller vs Nikkita Lyons on 205 Live

Both superstars ducked each other's strikes early on in the contest before Lyons slapped Miller in the face. She landed a knee strike on Miller's abdominal region and put her in a headlock.

Miller briefly fought back but Lyons quickly regained control with a knee to the face. But before she could do much damage, Miller channeled the energy from the live crowd to come back into the match. She delivered a Suplex and a Spinning heel kick. She hit another kick and planted Lyons face-first into her knee to secure the pinfall victory.

Result: Amari Miller defeated Nikkita Lyons on 205 Live

Grade: B+

Dante Chen vs Draco Anthony on 205 Live

Chen dropped Anthony with multiple Arm drags. The latter hit a cheap shot which fired up Chen, who unloaded his fists. Anthony was quick to make a comeback as he lodged multiple strikes on Chen followed by an Overhead Suplex.

Anthony targeted Chen's lower back with an abdominal stretch. Chen blocked a suplex attempt and turned it into a backslide pin for a near fall. He dropped him with a Clothesline and a Bicycle kick. He delivered a unique sit-out maneuver dubbed by the commentary team as "Dante's Inferno" to close out the match as Anthony's losing streak continued.

Result: Dante Chen defeated Draco Anthony on 205 Live

Grade: B

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