WWE 205 Live Results (January 17th, 2019): Isaiah "Swerve" Scott in action, Tyler Breeze returns 

Angel Garza's next contender main evented an action-packed 205 Live
Angel Garza's next contender main evented an action-packed 205 Live

On NXT, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Lio Rush and Tyler Breeze to advance to Worlds Collide. Angel Garza will defend the NXT Cruiserweigt Championship in a Fatal-4-Way at the event, with (possibly) two other competitors coming from across the pond.

Tonight, Scott proved just once again why he deserved his shot against Garza.

Tonight, 205 Live promised us three "never before seen" matchups. That included the return of Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze. After knocking off Tony Nese last week, he would go toe-to-toe with Ariya Daivari, a competitor like Nese who believes that the 205 Live originals should be getting more opportunities.

Tyler Breeze vs Ariya Daivari

Daivari took a shot at Breeze, hitting his iconic turnbuckle rest pose. Breeze responded by taking Daivari to the mat with a picture-perfect dropkick before hitting that pose himself. Daivari avoided the Supermodel Kick and escaped outside, only to be driven into the barricade.

Yanking the hair, Daivari managed to get back in the match. A super back suplex, though, was blocked by Breeze. Daivari managed to put a stop with a dive, crotching him on the turnbuckle and sending him to the mat below.

Breeze eventually took over again with a running dropkick and a modified backstabber. Daivari kicked out at two. A high angle uranage from Daivari almost ended the match. As Daivari set up for a huge lariat, he was countered by the Supermodel Kick.

After dodging the Hammerlock Lariat, Breeze connected with an enziguri and rolled up Daivari just like Nese the week before. Daivari kicked out only to be rocked with the Beauty Shot.

Results: Tyler Breeze defeated Ariya Daivari via pinfall.

With two wins against two strong opponents in back to back weeks, one has to wonder when Breeze will move into a title match. Though he lost the Triple Threat on NXT, a 2-0 record on 205 Live is nothing to scoff at.

Lio Rush vs Sunil Singh

The Man of the Hour continued to build steam
The Man of the Hour continued to build steam

Rush didn't wait long to attack the Singhs, diving over as they made their entrance. A Michinoku Driver gave the Man of the Hour a near fall. As he moved to the top, Samir distracted him, allowing Sunil to send him crashing and burning to the floor.

Sunil slung Rush into the ring post and brought him inside for further punishment. A middle rope elbow drop gave him a two-count. Rush managed to launch Sunil to the floor, leading to an attempt at Twin Magic or "Singh Magic". The ref didn't fall for it at all.

Rush hit Samir with a wrecking ball dropkick, rebounding back for the Come Up stunner. Following that, the Final Hour ended the Singh's night.

Results: Lio Rush defeated Sunil Singh via pinfall.

Following the match, it was revealed that we'd get two more qualifying matches for the Fatal-Four-Way NXT Cruiserweight Championship match.

On NXT UK, Ligero would face Jordan Devlin, and 205 Live's The Brian Kendrick would also take on Travis Banks. The winners of these matches would join Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and Cruiserweight Champion Angel Garza at Worlds Collide.

Raul Mendoza vs Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

205 Live is now Swerve's House
205 Live is now Swerve's House

Mendoza was on the defensive early with Scott taking him down following a wrist lock. However, he would manage to send Scott to the floor with a hurricanrana before following up with a dropkick that launched him into the barricade.

Scott was left scrambling on the mat, trying to get to his feet after Mendoza ad locked him in a rear chin lock. He eventually escaped, taking Mendoza down with a series of forearms.

Swerve connected with a Bret's rope European uppercut to the back of Mendoza's neck. A leaping flatliner drove Mendoza face-first into the mat, but he kicked out at two. Mendoza hammered Scott with a roundhouse to the neck and spiked him with a keylock driver. Scott kicked out.

Scott found himself on the apron, setting up for a dive, but a step-up enziguri mid-flight left him dazed on the ropes. A springboard hurricanrana and springboard moonsault gave him an incredibly close call. Scott, still, kicked out.

Outside, a tope con hilo connected with Scott. Mendoza took him in for a Phoenix Splash, but Scott avoided. A running knee and the House Call left Mendoza out cold.

Results: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott defeated Raul Mendoza via pinfall.

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