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WWE 205 Live Results (July 30th, 2019): Mike Kanellis brutalizes Drake Maverick, Drew Gulak awaits his next challenger

Mike Kanellis eviscerated the 205 Live General Manager
Mike Kanellis eviscerated the 205 Live General Manager
Greg Bush
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It's all lead up to this. From Mike Kanellis' debut on 205 Live back in late 2018 to his crumbling marriage, everything has revolved around his anger with 205 Live GM Drake Maverick. Kanellis believes that everything bad that's happened to him over the past ten months is the fault of Maverick.

Kanellis has had a strong showing in nearly every match he's had since moving to the Purple Brand, but a lack of W's forced Maverick's hand around the time of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, keeping him away from an opportunity at the title. In order to right that wrong, all Kanellis had to do was defeat the General Manager in an Unsanctioned Match tonight. However, with a handful of titles under his waist from around the world, Drake Maverick is not one to take lightly.

We started off the night with the Singh Brothers, who were looking to get revenge on Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick for stealing their Bollywood awards.

Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick vs The Singh Brothers

Samir Singh took Akira Tozawa into the corner after catching him in the gut with a knee strike. Tozawa fought out, delivering a pair of chops to the chest and a delayed jab to the jaw. Kendrick tagged in and the duo delivered a double hip toss, followed up by a running senton splash on Samir.

Tozawa tagged back in, sending Samir into Kendrick's arms and kicking him in the back of the head, sending him face first into the mat with a flatliner form Kendrick. Sunil Singh tripped up Tozawa before he could pick up steam, leading to the Singh Brothers taking over. Samir slammed Tozawa's face into Sunil's boot as they tagged. The Bollywood Stars hammered on Tozawa in the corner, and Samir made his way back in, trapping Tozawa in the middle of the ring with a side headlock.

Sunil and Samir sent Tozawa spine first into the corner with a double Irish whip, and Samir was launched into the former Cruiserweight Champion with a body splash. However, as Sunil tagged back in, Tozawa took out both brothers and managed to get to his partner. Kendrick finally made it inside, leveling them both with clotheslines and running forearms.

A crescent moon kick gave him the chance to pin Sunil, but he kicked out. Samir handed Sunil a Bollywood Award, hoping to knock out Kendrick with it. Kendrick noticed, however, and sent them into each other, knocking Samir to the floor and taking Sunil down with a Sliced Bread No. 2. Tozawa connected with a Senton Splash from the top rope for the win.


Results: Akira Tozawa & The Brian Kendrick defeated the Singh Brothers via pinfall.

A Humberto Carrillo vignette was played, with the young upstart talking up 205 Live and the various types of compet tors he can find there. He's got his eyes on his former teacher Drew Gulak, and his Cruiserweight Championship.

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Published 31 Jul 2019, 09:01 IST
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