WWE 205 Live Results (June 19th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

Indus Sher runs roughshod over 205 Live
Indus Sher runs roughshod over 205 Live
Greg Bush
Modified 20 Jun 2020
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The world of the Cruiserweights has definitely undergone some significant changes in the past few months. 205 Live's new champion, Santos Escobar, formerly El Hijo del Fantasma, shocked the world when he was revealed as the "kidnapper" that abducted Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde from the parking lot. The former 205 Live stars were apparently in on the whole thing, and have aligned themselves with Escobar.

Former 205 Live GM Drake Maverick was sent to the hospital following a vicious beatdown by the trio on NXT. Still, we had a lot of great talent left for 205 Live, including Jake Atlas, who made his 205 Live debut tonight in the main event against Jack Gallagher.

We kicked off the night with One-Two and Ever-Rise. Chase Parker and Matt Martel picked up their first win in the WWE last week, and Parker hoped to ride that momentum into an upset over the Boston Butcher Oney Lorcan.

Oney Lorcan w/Danny Burch vs Chase Parker w/Matt Martel on 205 Live

Parker tried to out wrestle Oney Lorcan which uh...went about as well as you'd expect. Lorcan easily took over, trapping Parker in a side headlock. Parker, multiple times, tried to shoot him off into the ropes but failed.

After the third attempt, Lorcan bounced off for a shoulder block sending Parker to the corner. Parker was bounced off the turnbuckle repeatedly before getting lit up by the Star Destroyer's disastrous knife edge chops.

A distinction by Martel allowed Parker to hang Lorcan up in the ropes. A slingshot elbow drop earned him a two-count. Parker focused on the elbow of Lorcan, stretching it out in the ropes. Lorcan was sent into the ropes again, where he bounced off into a crescent kick.

Lorcan struggled to get to his feet, but was eventually able to mount a comeback with an inverted atomic drop and atomic drop combo. Another inverted atomic drop caught Parker coming off the ropes.

Lorcan drove through Parker with the running blockbuster, earning him a strong win on 205 Live.

Results: Oney Lorcan defeats Chase Parker in the opening match of 205 Live.

Grade: B-

NXT's Malcolm Bivens made his first appearance on 205 Live, distracting the Brit-Am Brawlers so Ever-Rise could lay them out.

Okay that wasn't exactly the reason. Indus Sher came in afterward to send a message to Lorcan and Burch, who saved Breezango from an assault by Indus Sher on NXT.

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Published 20 Jun 2020
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