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WWE 205 Live Results (June 25th, 2019): A cruiserweight leaves 205 Live, Drew Gulak's #1 Contender revealed

Greg Bush
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A great showing of respect from Akira Tozawa and Tony Nese
A great showing of respect from Akira Tozawa and Tony Nese

The Premier Athlete faced an incredible challenge at WWE Stomping Grounds. Tony Nese, after capturing the Cruiserweight Championship, has made it his goal to find the best competition on 205 Live and prove that he deserves to be the top man on the Purple Brand.

On Sunday, however, he failed. Nese's title was pried from his hands by the Submission Specialist Drew Gulak, who defeated his longtime rival Akira Tozawa in the Triple Threat match.

Gulak opened 205 Live, stating that the Cruiserweights don't deserve his generosity, but his wrath. After stripping away all the goals that were holding him back, he's now the champion. Tonight, we'll find out his #1 contender when Nese and Tozawa face off in singles competition.

We kicked off the night with the Gentleman Jack Gallagher. After suffering a defeat at the hands of Chad Gable, he found himself being looked down upon by Mike Kanellis. Kanellis has been demanding more opportunities on 205 Live and has continued to grow frustrated over newer stars appearing on the show, and certain superstars "dropping the ball." The Power Couple and Gallagher agreed to a match last week, leading to the opening contest.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs Mike Kanellis w/ Maria Kanellis

Mike & Maria Kanellis
Mike & Maria Kanellis

Mike Kanellis was trapped by Gallagher in a double arm wrench but was able to turn it around and managed to take the Gentleman to the mat. Gallagher escaped by brushing the face of Kanellis with his feet. A turnbuckle assisted snapmare took Kanellis down, with Gallagher transitioning into a side headlock.

Kanellis got back to his feet, shaking Gallagher off him. Gallagher found himself in the corner, standing on his head. His unique defence caught Kanellis off guard, allowing him to leap over his opponent and connect with a dropkick.


Gallagher tried to send Kanellis into the barricade on the outside, but Maria ran in front of them, forcing Gallagher to stop. This allowed Kanellis to shove him into the ring post and catch a rebounding Gallagher with a suplex on the ground. Back inside, Kanellis locked in a rear chin lock.

Kanellis was forced to break the hold but stayed on top of Gallagher by sending him careening into the top turnbuckle. He placed him at the top, looking for a superplex. Gallagher managed to fight him off, knocking him down to the ground below. A dive was countered when Kanellis put his feet up, with Gallagher landing right on his chin. A Michinoku Driver nearly put him away, but he managed to kick out.

Gallagher traded right hands with Kanellis, getting the better end of the trade. However, as he ran off the ropes he was met by a superkick. The ref nearly counted three but noticed that Kanellis had the tights held. Thanks to the distraction, Gallagher planted a devastating headbutt on Kanellis, earning the victory.

Results: Jack Gallagher defeated Mike Kanellis via pinfall.

Following the match, Mike Kanellis was visibly upset. He told Maria to "go tell him" before revealing that he was done. Seemingly, it looks like he has quit 205 Live. Maria stood on the ramp confused and concerned before slowly making her way to the back.

Tony Nese cut a promo on his failure at Stomping Grounds. He said that he didn't have his eyes on the prize, and that's what cost him on Sunday. However, tonight, he finally gets to face Akira Tozawa one-on-one like he always wanted.

Nese looked at the camera and told Gulak that he never beat him for the belt, and he's coming back for it.

Akira Tozawa said he had a victory at Stomping Grounds, but let it slip through his hands. Tonight, he won't make that same mistake, and he'll move onto WWE Extreme Rules to become a 2-time Cruiserweight Champion.

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