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WWE 205 Live Results (June 4th, 2019): Cruiserweight star injured, a huge return brings controversy to the Cruiserweight Title Picture

Greg Bush
05 Jun 2019, 08:47 IST

Akira Tozawa had one more obstacle to climb before earning a Cruiserweight Title shot
Akira Tozawa had one more obstacle to climb before earning a Cruiserweight Title shot

Over the past few weeks, Akira Tozawa has been building steam. After winning a Fatal-5-Way, the Stamina Monster caught the eye of Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese, who believed that Tozawa should be his next challenger. 205 Live GM Drake Maverick didn't make an official decision from his request but seemed to hint that one more big showing from Tozawa would undoubtedly put him at the top of the list.

Tonight's main event saw the continuing war between Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari. Two of the hardest hitting competitors on 205 Live faced off in a gruelling one-on-one brawl, with Daivari hoping to get some revenge after Lorcan left him with stitches in his ear. Lorcan stated that he planned on cutting Daivari's other ear so they would match.

Before the opening contest could begin, Drew Gulak attacked Noam Dar, sending the Scottish Supernova head first into the LED screen on the apron. Gulak then targeted Dar's knee, dropkicking it into the steel steps. Dar rolled around on the ground as the referees checked on him, saying, "He's broken my leg."

Tozawa challenged Gula, and against 205 Live GM Drake Maverick's better judgment, he made the match official.

Akira Tozawa vs Drew Gulak

A new and improved Drew Gulak sent a clear message to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese
A new and improved Drew Gulak sent a clear message to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese

Tozawa rushed Gulak, sending him into the corner with a bevvy of strikes. A running boot stunned the Submission Specialist, but Gulak fought back with some strikes of his own. Tozawa countered a whip into the ropes, dropping Gulak with a hurricanrana and following up with a shining wizard and a running senton splash.


An Iron Octopus attempt was countered by Gulak, dropping Tozawa with a fallaway slam and a boot to the face. Tozawa was locked in a side headlock but managed to break out and attempted another Iron Octopus. Gulak blocked it, dropping Tozawa on his head, continuing the assault with a gutwrench suplex.

Gulak wrenched Tozawa's neck while holding him down in the middle of the mat with another side headlock. Tozawa tried to muscle out of the hold but was brought down with a stiff elbow to the throat and a leaping elbow drop.

Tozawa was pulled up by his face before being brought back down with a snap suplex. Gulak continued to lock Tozawa into several submission holds, only breaking them to deliver more punishment like knees to the back of the head. Tozawa finally managed to send Gulak to the outside. Gulak walked away before Tozawa could connect with two suicide dives. The Stamina Monster decided to run across the apron, diving onto Gulak with a rolling senton.

Gulak sent Tozawa inside, but he used the momentum to bounce off the ropes, returning with a suicide dive that launched Gulak across the announcer's desk into the barricade. Back inside, a missile dropkick nearly gave Tozawa the win, but the Gulak kicked out. Gulak blocked a German suplex, catching his long-time rival with two elbow strikes.

A delayed jab set Gulak up for the Iron Octopus. Gulak made his way to the ropes to break the hold. Tozawa attempted to bring Gulak down with another hurricanrana, but Gulak dropped him face first with a reverse powerbomb, then transitioning to a Texas Cloverleaf. Tozawa was dragged away from the ropes but eventually made his way there.

Back to their feet, both men traded stiff punches and chops. A harsh lariat from Gulak turned Tozawa inside out, who was then dumped with another gutwrench suplex. Tozawa kicked out.

Tozawa escaped Gulak's grasp and stunned him with a stiff kick, followed up by a fireman's carry slam. A basement dropkick led him to a spinning roundhouse, setting up for the Top Rope Senton Splash. Gulak was playing possum, though, and chased him up top for a superplex.

Gulak finished Tozawa off with an Argentine Neckbreaker.

Results: Drew Gulak defeated Akira Tozawa via pinfall.

Mike Kanellis cut a promo on his greatness, claiming to be the best in the company, even back when he debuted at Money in the Bank 2017. He accused the General Manager of being obsessed with "other titles" instead of doing his job. Kanellis said he's not complacent, and begged Drake Maverick to send him his best cruiserweights.

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese was asked about Gulak's actions and win tonight. Nese said that nobody understands Gulak better than him. He also said that he didn't agree with Maverick's decision to make the match, considering he's been preoccupied with the 24/7 Championship. Whoever he faces for the belt, whether it be Gulak or Tozawa, he'll be ready.

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