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WWE 205 Live Results: May 14th, 2019

Greg Bush
15 May 2019, 08:49 IST

The Cruiserweight Champion was in action in tonight's main event
The Cruiserweight Champion was in action in tonight's main event

The Cruiserweights invaded the UK this week, prompting a pair of NXT UK-205 Live dream matches.

Tonight, we began with a Fatal 4-Way match. Humberto Carrillo and his former mentor Jack Gallagher represented the Purple Brand, while NXT UK Tag Team Champion James Drake and former 205 Live member Mark Andrews represented their brand.

The Cruiserweight Champion was also in action tonight. Tony Nese faced off against NXT UK's masked man Ligero in the main event. With only a few days left until a title defense against Ariya Daivari at Money in the Bank, could Nese continue his rolling train of momentum against the UK Sensation?

Fatal 4-Way: Jack Gallagher vs Mark Andrews vs James Drake vs Humberto Carrillo

Mr. Mayhem is here
Mr. Mayhem is here

Drake bailed early, leaving the three other competitors in the ring. The three men locked eachother up in a triple headlock. Gallagher escaped, leading all three men to trade shots with dropkicks and elbows. James Drake attempted to sneak a roll-up pin.

Gallagher broke out, forcing Drake to go outside again. Gallagher and Carrillo chased after him, sending him back into the educated feet of Andrews. Carrillo took out Andrews with a springboard arm drag and Gallagher with a springboard crossbody. Drake dropped Andrews onto the apron with a modified facebuster and came in to catch Carrillo with a cheap shot.

A spinning heel kick leveled Carrillo, but he managed to kick out of a pinfall attempt. Drake left Carrillo in the corner before accepting the aggressive chants of the UK crowd. Drake beat down Carrillo, then cut off Gallagher when he attempted to get back in the ring. A snap suplex to Carrillo nearly gave him the win.


Drake locked in a side headlock in the middle of the ring. He wore down the luchador for a while, but Gallagher finally broke it up when he again made it back to the apron. Drake traded shots with Gallagher and eventually sent him back to the floor. However, Carrillo had enough time to recover, connecting with several spinning kicks to Drake.

A spinning back kick to the head left Drake retreating to the outside. However, a tope con hilo from Carrillo kept the attack going on Drake. Andrews came in at this point, taking out Carrillo with a diving assault from the steps. Drake made it back to his feet and caught Andrews, who went for a moonsault from the barricade, but the Frontman countered into a tilt-a-whirl DDT on the ground.

Jack Gallagher brought out his old umbrella William and dove onto all three men. Back inside, Andrews kicked out at two. Gallagher brought Andrews up and held him in a stalling suplex for nearly thirty seconds, finally bringing him crashing down to the mat with an applause from the crowd. As he climbed the turnbuckle, James Drake returned to the fray, stopping Gallagher. An enziguri from Carrillo stunned Drake, and a top rope reverse hurricanrana spiked Drake.

Gallagher dove onto Drake with an elbow and Carrillo followed up with a corkscrew senton. Andrews and Gallagher broke up the pin. Drake rolled out while all three men traded chops. A Stundog Millionaire from Andrews nearly put Carrillo away. A double pele kick brought Gallagher and Carrillo down. However, as Andrews ran into the ropes, he was met with a headbutt by Gallagher.

Carrillo rolled Gallagher up following the headbutt for the pinfall.

Results: Humberto Carrillo defeated Jack Gallagher via pinfall.

A pre-recorded video was sent from Ariya Daivari, who taunted Tony Nese, insulting him for competing just five days before a championship match. Nese responded in a backstage interview, saying that it's tradition for the best of 205 Live to mix it up with the best of NXT UK.

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