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WWE 2K19: 5 Entrances that the game must get right

Shikhar Goyal
Published Aug 28, 2018
Aug 28, 2018 IST

Enter captio
The New day!

With WWE 2K19's global release now just over six weeks away (9 October), the fans are going crazy for the much-awaited video game.

Currently, 2K has revealed 68 names who will be a part of the game. But the list is far from complete and one could expect a few more stars to show up when they play the game. However, the names don't mean anything if 2K does not nail the digital representation. Last year, the stars looked similar to how they look in real life, but they weren't perfect.

Recreating the live atmosphere of a buzzing wrestling arena is tricky. That is the case that needs to be strong during entrances. Entrances play a great role in making a character and game look great.

With that being said, let us talk about some entrances that ought to be realistic in WWE 2K19.

#5. Seth Rollins

Enter ca
Burn it down

There's nothing particularly flashy or complex about the way Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. When the music hits, runs through its first few bars, then erupts with "BURN IT DOWN!", which promotes 'The Kingslayer' to stomp out from the back, firing himself and the crowd up on the stage before swaggering down the ramp.

But that's not easy to make an entrance in the game like that. WWE games always fall short of making that type of entrances. Capturing fire, passion, and intensity isn't easy. With the characters moving at least 10% slower than they move in real life, and with such traits defining Rollins' character and entrance, it is essential that it is nailed.

The electric reaction that Rollins gets when he makes his way should not be ignored. It's natural, organic, and explosive - the antithesis of the 2K series as a whole, but if the developers get it wrong, they'll make one of the most entertaining entrances the worst entrance in the game.

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