5 Best Stephanie McMahon Promos

Reshma Ramachandran

A very important possession in a wrestling character’s journey is the one skill that is quite powerful in the world of wrestling and that is how you speak into a microphone. That is power.

Stephanie McMahon has come a long way since playing the innocent, sweet, soft- spoken role when she first emerged as a character on WWE television. From adding a variety of character tropes like the arrogant grin, the slap, the command with which she performs her promo- she has become the biggest heel in the promotion since her father’s character after the Montreal Screwjob.

In a way she has continued her father’s legacy of being a convincing heel who can put anyone over just because of how easily they can make the audience loathe them. Here are the 5 moments where she absolutely killed it with her speech

#1 WrestleMania 32

Stephanie McMahon introduces WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H with a stirring diatribe.

Triple H is very well known for having a grandiose entrance at WrestleMania. But at WrestleMania 32, his entrance will forever be remembered by how his wife completely owned her part in a Mad Max-esque get-up, enthralling the audience, giving a promo stamped with authority and exploding with power.

She talked about how her husband and she owned everyone in the audience and why they should bow down to the couple and grovel at their feet. Slaves, is what she considered of them. It was an emphatic speech that made you take notice, loathe her and want her to stop or just revel in the effort that went into not only memorizing that part but also performing it with such gusto.

#2 In-Shane-ity!


A week prior to this promo, Stephanie McMahon’s speech after winning the Legacy of Excellence Award was spectacularly interrupted by one of the greatest moments in WWE history. Her brother, Shane McMahon returned to the company after 7 years. The audience was ecstatic. Stephanie McMahon’s moment was overpowered as Shane took center-stage.

She was merely a supporting character in that moment where the real tension lay between the son and his father. But a week later, Stephanie McMahon returned to finish her speech and after being interrupted by chants for her brother, she lost her control, hurled the table across the ring and gave an insane promo holding her award.

She gave a breathless monologue about how her brother abandoned the company and left to pursue other interests, how he conveniently forgot that her daughters are in line as well to take over the company just like his sons, drawing fire on his audacity to ask for control over the company after all this time, how he hates that she and Triple H are married and much, much more.

#3 She’s Back


A week after she and her entire family received a Stone Cold Stunner, McMahon opened Raw much to the delight of the audience. But you knew she was out for some mean business. She berated the audience for enjoying her entire family being laid out by The Rattlesnake but then she went on an arrogant rant about how rich she is, how brave she is and how powerful she is.

And if that power wasn’t visible much, she went and slapped a producer who asked her to wrap up her promo since it was running way over time and then she slapped poor Lillian Garcia for just looking shocked at what had transpired, making the audience instantly hate every bit of her presence.

#4 Make You My B!#$&


Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon had a great storyline surrounding Daniel Bryan and what the relationship each woman had with him. Stephanie was the tyrannical boss and Bella is his wife who was equally affected by Stephanie’s power reign. But this feud gained fire because of how McMahon performed.

She was convincing as a heel that the audience rejoiced when she was arrested and when she finally accepted to be in a match after 10 long years. The audience cares about Stephanie McMahon and that’s a huge plus. In this promo she went from being powerless to Bella’s threats of not dropping charged against and gaining back all that power after she finally accepts to have a match.

Nailing the performance with the final line that at SummerSlam she was going to make Bella her B!#$&

#5 A Solid B+


Simple, effortless yet significant- this promo kicked off what was a career- defining feud for Daniel Bryan. Stephanie McMahon stood in front of Daniel Bryan, all smiles and a pleasant demeanor as if nothing shocking had happened a night before at SummerSlam when Orton was assisted by guest referee Triple H is taking back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship titles that Bryan had won from John Cena.

McMahon quite easily made that decision seem reasonable because it was best for business remarking on how Bryan is not the build that WWE usually goes for, showcasing what many fans thought WWE actually thought about Bryan behind the scenes. She told Bryan that even if he wasn’t an A, he was ‘a solid B+’. That was a brilliant line that possibly catapulted this segment and gave Bryan’s journey to the main event of WrestleMania that much more fire.

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