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5 career highlights of Alberto Del Rio in WWE

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In his short time in WWE, Alberto Del Rio made a lasting impact in and out of the ring

I doubt anyone is shocked that WWE and Alberto Del Rio has “agreed” to part ways after a tumultuous relationship that has been now run two cycles, both ending badly. Rumors of the former WWE World Championship’s testy relationship with Triple H, or lack thereof and the growing tension between the company and the wrestler over his relationship with Paige made this divorce a necessity, not an option.

In the end, both sides can be blamed for not making this work, as Del Rio is one of those performers we will look back and blame WWE for dropping the ball. Now, with the company’s biggest Latino commodity on the open market (I say he returns to Lucha Underground) what does the promotion to increase viewership amongst its Hispanic community?

Yes, Del Rio was important for that aspect of this business, but more importantly, his work in the ring was solid – regardless of how he was booked. That kind of ethic is rare. So now both sides must take time and regroup, rebuild and continue on.

I wasn’t a fan of Del Rio’s work until I watched matches from the past, how he took heat and worked the crowds. How he used his persona to become the evil villain wrestling needs in an age of few characters. In the end, yes, it will be WWE’s loss and the man who was once the Mexican Aristocrat will find work and become a champion again. Del Rio’s bloodline – with his father Dos Caras and uncle Mil Mascaras – will serve him well in his next promotion.

This is a look at five of Del Rio’s career highlights in the company that helped him become an even bigger international star. 

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