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5 Most painful slams on Ladder at Money in the Bank

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Ladders are meant to be broken

While Money in the Bank matches are generally no-disqualification matches where someone could make use of any weapon they want, ladders, are hands down the most popular item that gets used. Why?

I believe that I don't need to answer that question as all the wrestling fans out there are intelligent enough to answer it on their own.

In fact, to an extent, the ladder spots are one of the reasons why we tune into this kind of matches. Our expectations will be somewhat similar heading into the next edition of Money in the Bank and before that; here is a look back at some of the most painful slams on the ladder.

#5 World’s strongest slam on ladder

While one would expect WWE to include highly athletic performers to Money in the Bank matches, WWE not necessarily lives up to this expectation. Over the years, these matches have seen heavyweights like Big Show, Mark Henry and many others make an impact and Mark Henry features in this slide.

Henry at one point of the match was trying to set up a ladder to get the briefcase. However, just as he was going to do this, Kofi tried to climb the ladder. This made Henry take away his support and he ended up catching Kofi in the process. Henry then went on to perform the World’s strongest slam onto the ladder.Skip to 8.45 for the spot. 

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