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5 Reasons the Cruiserweights should stay on RAW

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5.27K   //    15 Nov 2016, 19:17 IST
Are WWE’s Cruiserweights better off staying where they started?

WWE has been teasing the transfer of the Cruiserweight Division from RAW to SmackDown Live, after this year’s Survivor Series event. If Kalisto, from SmackDown Live, beats Champion Brian Kendrick, from RAW, he wins the CW Title and brings, not only the title but every man on the cruiserweight roster with him.

It’s a good idea in theory, but is it the best way for WWE to go? There are plenty of ways for this to go very wrong. It could be a great success, but failure could be utterly disastrous.

Here are 5 reasons the Cruiserweights should stay on Monday Night RAW.

#5 There’s more time on RAW


You can get more done in 3 hours than you can in 2

The way things are set up right now, RAW has a full hour of TV time more than SmackDown Live. The blue brand already has some difficulty with time management, and bringing a whole new set of superstars could really cramp up the shows even further.

With teams like American Alpha and The Usos going weeks at a time without appearing and the tag teams champions barely being showcased, adding a whole set of guys and their own title could spell all sorts of disaster. 

RAW is able to showcase the Cruiserweights in two different matches on most weeks, and that would be lost, if the division left RAW and headed to SmackDown Live. It’s a shame that the CW division fits in so much better with the ideology of the SmackDown Live brand because there simply is no space for them. 

That said, I still hope they end up on the show, out of interest in seeing how they handle it, especially with 205 Live airing on WWE Network directly after the show goes off the air.

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