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5 Superstars Goldberg is good friends with in real life

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The much-awaited return of Goldberg is set to happen on the upcoming edition of Raw. Goldberg will show up on WWE after a break of more than a decade and it has got the fans excited, to say the least.

Goldberg will be going up against Brock Lesnar from the looks of it and rumours suggest that these two would go head to head at Survivor Series.

As Goldberg is all around the internet, this would be a great time to peek into his personal life. So in this list, we are going to take a look at some big names that are good friends with him in real life. And the last name might raise an eyebrow or two for sure.

#5 Jim Ross

JR has been close to Golberg for a long time

Jim Ross was one of the first insiders that confirmed the rumours of Goldberg’s fight aginst Brock Lesnar. JR also said that the match could take place at Survivor Series, which is apparently the path that WWE is travelling now.

When Goldberg decided to start a new podcast, it was Jim Ross that gave the former WCW champion advice. Goldberg also admitted that he has been taking tips from JR for the past three decades. Goldberg also said that his relationship with JR goes back to his Oklahoma days.

“I've been taking Jim's advice for the past 30 years. He and I go way back to my Oklahoma days. So why reinvent the wheel and why not talk to people who have tread before you? And he obviously knows what he's doing,” Goldberg said when asked about the nature of their friendship.

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