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5 Superstars who could be Cruiserweight Champion if the title is brought back

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The Cruiserweight championship is something that the WWE should consider bringing back. Some fast paced high flying action is always good for the television and the cruiserweight division always managed to deliver the same when it was still around.

WWE’s current roster has a lot of talent who could shine under such a division and on the longer run, it could help the company to raise their quality of wrestling as well. If the championship is indeed brought back, the next obvious question will be about the choice of  who should be the champion. So, for the purpose of solving that puzzle, here is a look at some of the superstars who could fit in perfectly into that role.

Sami Zayn  

Sami Zayn made an impactful Raw debut against John Cena 

The upper limit for the Cruiserweight division is 225lbs and Sami is just under the 210lb mark. Now, to be frank, Sami deserves better. He is someone who should be running for the Intercontinental or United States Championship in the main roster but everyone needs a humble start don’t they?

WWE could build the Cruiserweight division around Sami once he is called up to the main roster permanently. And when Sami gets familiar with the main roster fans, he could drop the title and look for higher ventures. This would be miles better than bringing him into the roster with no character development or storyline like they are doing with Neville.

Heath Slater

The former 3MB man has been jobbing for other superstars recently

Heath Slater is underrated; let that sentence sink in because it is the truth. He might not be a Bret Hart or Daniel Bryan in between the ropes, but Slater is a solid entertainer. He has good microphone skills and will make a worthy Cruiserweight champion.

The way in which he shined during his United States title pursuit shows the potential Slater holds and it might also be the reason why he escaped the axe while his 3MB partners were released. He is not getting anywhere near the mid card titles as things stand now so it would be a blessing for Slater if the company brings back the Cruiserweight Division.

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