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5 Ways to book Braun Strowman as a singles competitor

How can the WWE writers make the best use of the big man?

Editor's Pick 27 Jul 2016, 14:49 IST
Braun Strowman came sporting a new look on Monday’s edition of Raw.

When the final results of the recent WWE brand draft were settled, several picks stood out as noteworthy or even downright odd. One that had been telegraphed to an extent, but was still surprising nonetheless was Braun Strowman getting drafted to Raw while the rest of the Wyatt Family went to SmackDown.

Now that he’s by himself, the WWE creative team will have to take special care to book Strowman the right way. He’s really only worked as a Wyatt henchman and in squash singles matches, but here are five ways to make this work.

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