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5 Wrestlers who became authority figures

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 07:24 IST
Hunter is just one of the stars that became Authority figures

A professional wrestler is expected to be well rounded. He should be good in the ring and at the same time, he should excel as a performer outside the ring as well. While the combination of the former and the latter will help him or her to succeed during the phase where they work as active in-ring performers, the latter helps them to stay in the wrestling business after in-ring retirement.

Most of the wrestlers take up non-wrestling roles after retiring. When some take-up backstage roles, others still deliver on-screen. This list is going to take a look at some of those superstars that ended up being Authority figures.

#5 Ric Flair

Flair was an authority figure in WCW and WWE

The years that Ric Flair spent as an authority figure might not come easily into one’s mind. However, he played such prominent gimmicks both in WCW and WWE. Flair, who was one of the biggest draws back in the territory days, had an immense amount of power in WCW. This real life power would sometimes ooze into television as well and he was projected as a heel that would use his powers to help out his friends.

Later, Flair became the kayfabe co-owner of WWE but this time around he played a babyface as Vince McMahon was enough to keep the heel side going. Flair then got restricted to managerial roles with the most recent one coming up for his daughter Charlotte.

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Published 01 Jul 2016, 20:25 IST
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