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WWE NXT Results 8th February 2017, Latest NXT winners, review and video highlights

The Glorious Era has begun.

Bobby Roode kicked of the Glorious Era

This week gave us the first NXT episode of the Bobby Roode era. The night saw Roode start off his reign with a glorious title celebration as well as a brilliant 6-man tag-team main event.

As soon as the episode started, we caught up with the NXT announce team with Tom Phillips announcing the newsest member of the team – pro wrestling legend Nigel McGuinness who was making his debut at the NXT announcer’s booth.

SANITY (Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dane) vs The Bollywood Boyz

Killian Dane dismantled the Bollywood Boyz

Harv Shira and the massive Irishman Killian dane started us off. Shira’s tiny frame was no threat to Dane as he threw his weight around. The worst that things got for Dane in this match was a “Shave you back” chant that the crowd targetted at him.

Gurv Shira eventually rallied and tagged in Harv Shira as Dane was down on one knee. They went for a double superkick only for Dane to take them down with a massive double clothesline. Dane followed it up with a Fall Of Man on Gurv Shira followed by a Senton. He then powerbombed Harv Shira right onto Gurv before hitting the stacked brothers with a jumping elbow.

Dane then picked up Harv Shira and finished him off with an Ulster Plantation. Alexander Wolfe didn’t even need to tag himself in.

SANITY def. The Bollywood Boyz

After the match, Nikki Cross screamed “Get me Asuka” into the mic before Eric Young once again told Tye Dillinger to join SANITY.

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