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WWE/AEW News: Chris Jericho once again says that "everyone in the business" can thank him for getting raises

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Pay the man his royalties!
Pay the man his royalties!

Due to his Superstar status in the industry, Jericho can easily slot in towards the top of any promotion. Throughout his WWE career, Chris Jericho has gone through the roles of being a top guy, a mid-card Champion and one that helps to put over the younger talent.

One thing Jericho can also claim is that by signing with All Elite Wrestling, he has indirectly helped stars across the industry get pay raises. Many stars in the WWE have been re-signed so that they do not leave and go to AEW. He discussed this with Mature Audiences Mayhem. carried transcripts of his interview.

Not his original plan

Also during the interview, Jericho offered some interesting insight regarding his recent career moves in the wrestling industry. Apparently, he was going to remain loyal to WWE, but some miscommunication ultimately led to him going to Japan and AEW.

"I had no intention of wrestling anywhere other than for Vince McMahon, and then the Japan thing came up," Jericho explained. "I basically got Vince McMahon's blessing and got his blessing to sign on for more shows."

It sounds like McMahon initially just approved of Jericho taking his talents to Japan, but once another potential opportunity arose, things started to get mixed up between the legend and the Chairman.

"When the AEW thing came out, I told him the offer and he said for me to take it. I took it and when I told him, he said, 'You took it? Can you get out of it?' I said that you told me to take it. You didn't match it, you didn't try."
"Once I signed, suddenly everyone gets double raises because he doesn't want anyone to leave. So just because of that alone, I now made everyone in the business double what they were making. And for that, I demand a thank you."

Changing the game

Whether or not he means it, his moves to Japan and AEW caused the WWE to alter its practices. Previously, the company wouldn't hesitate to let some mid-card or lower card stars go elsewhere. But with a new kid on the block, things have changed. Stars get more money to stick around rather than take their chances in another promotion. The practice has actually given more value to every member of the roster regardless of their use.

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