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WWE/AEW News: Matt Riddle reacts to Kenny Omega defending him on Twitter

20 Sep 2019, 09:09 IST

Riddle and Omega
Riddle and Omega

Kenny Omega's recent interview with Sportskeeda has taken Twitter by storm, and his comments regarding the AEW vs NXT 'war' have resulted in fans being split into two on social media. Recently, a fan tagged Matt Riddle in a tweet, stating that Omega is right and that guys like Riddle don't belong on national TV. Omega responded to the tweet by stating that he loves Matt and hinted that The King of Bros is an exception. Riddle replied to Omega, confirming that the two are close pals.

Omega's explosive interview

Recently, All Elite Wrestling star Omega talked to Sportskeeda on a variety of topics, and spoke on the AEW vs NXT 'Wednesday Night War'.

"Let's just pretend there's just one big promotion. If these guys were in the same show as me, they'd be in the dark match. They'd be in the opening match of my main event match.
"You're going to see real stars. Not developmental talent but real stars appearing on your television sets, every week."

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The aftermath

NXT Superstar Dominik Dijakovic fired back at Omega on Twitter for his comments. On the other hand, a fan tagged NXT Superstar Riddle in a flaming tweet, asking him whether the truth hurts. He proceeded by stating that Omega is right and guys like him belong in dark matches, and not on national TV.

This didn't sit well with Omega, who responded to the fan, albeit in a polite manner. He stated that Riddle is a brother to him and there are exceptions to every rule. Riddle replied to Omega's tweet with a wholesome one of his own. Here's the entire exchange:


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