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WWE Clash of Champions: 7 Possible shocks that could happen at the PPV

Seth Rollins to win the WWE Universal Championship?

Be prepared for a host of shockers in the Clash Of Champions main event

With Raw’s first brand-exclusive pay-per-view Clash of Champions fast approaching on September 25th, WWE will be looking to implement a number of shock outcomes to keep the post-brand split product hot, as ratings have been slipping as of late due to Monday Night Football. Whether these shock outcomes are the right choice remain to be seen, but knowing WWE, they will produce some shocking moments at Clash of Champions to increase Raw ratings.

Whether that means putting over a tag team with an awful gimmick, crowning a new Women’s or a United States Champion, or even crowning a new Universal Champion, here are 7 Possible Shocks that could happen at WWE Clash of Champions.

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