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WWE Diva Paige addresses Charlotte 'heat'

The ongoing feud between Paige and Charlotte has been the talk of all WWE fans. Paige spoke to IBT earlier this week to clear the air.

News 23 Feb 2015, 00:53 IST
Real or fake heat between Paige and Charlotte?

WWE Diva Paige spoke to the International Business Times earlier this week and put over Sasha Banks as somebody who she thinks deserves to be brought up to the main roster from NXT. Many fans took this as a snub to Charlotte, who by all accounts is actually about to be promoted.

Paige seems to be both fueling and downplaying the so called “heat” on Twitter, writing:

Part of this could easily be a work to get fans interested in Charlotte’s main roster run. There has never been any previous sign of heat between the two women.

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