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WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 5 reasons why Kofi Kingston didn't win the WWE Championship 

Rohit Nath
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Kofi Kingston stole the show again
Kofi Kingston stole the show again

Kofi Kingston did it again. If Tuesday night was one of the best performances and nights of his career, he seemingly topped it just five days later. How he managed to do it, no one can tell. But Kofi Kingston made more than just a statement.

After 11 years with the company, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would be a worthy world champion. Why it took many people this long to realize this is a wonder in itself, but with two back-to-back performances like this, how can he possibly be denied?

Kofi Kingston stole the show at Elimination Chamber, entering third (technically the first to exit the pods) and lasting until the very end. He would put on a show-stealer and get one of the most goosebump-inducing crowd reactions in recent memory. The crowd desperately wanted to see Kofi Kingston win, and he was extremely close to getting it done and winning the big one.

Unfortunately, he fell short in the biggest opportunity of his career. The show ended with him getting a standing ovation while his fellow New Day members were out helping him. Many felt that WWE should have pulled the trigger, and here are a few reasons why it didn't happen.

#5 Heat for Daniel Bryan

This is one of the most obvious and frustrating reasons. Not that it's necessarily wrong, but Daniel Bryan is thriving as a heel, and Kofi Kingston's babyface reactions only help. Who would have thought a year ago that Bryan would get heat like this?

Fans did not want to see him win at all, and they were desperate for Kofi to win. WWE knew that Kofi Kingston being the hottest superstar, would get Bryan heat if he were to be pinned by the WWE Champion.

And that's exactly what happened. Watch the reactions that Bryan gets this Tuesday.

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