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WWE Exclusive: The New Day reveal who an ideal fourth member would be & more

Whom could the fun-loving trio possibly add to its ranks?
Whom could the fun-loving trio possibly add to its ranks?
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 05 Mar 2019

The New Day is in India as part of the tryouts to determine the next breakout WWE superstars from the country and they were kind enough to interact with Sportskeeda recently. Their interviews are just as crazy as one would expect, and I burst out laughing on several occasions.

Who would you choose as a fourth member for the New Day? Let me add something to this... I interviewed Evan Bourne and he said he'd like to be the fourth member of the New Day...

Kingston: Look, I'll be honest. Evan does a lot of great things. High flying, shooting star press, tremendous athlete. He can do things that the normal man can't even dream of doing...

Big E: But his hips...

Kingston: His hips though. He's gotta work on them. He's a real flexible guy so you'd think that he'd have some loose hips, but he's got tight hips.

Woods: Loose hips are more of a mentality. Talking about Randy, once he relaxes, his hips are loose. The person I would add, the only person I'd be comfortable with adding right now would be (Tyler) Breeze. I don't think we can fully add someone. We can bring somebody out for a couple of weeks like a temp.

Kingston: To me, this is the New Day. You take anything away or add something to it, then it's different. It's like tomato soup. You put cream in it, it's like tomato paste. (Everyone laughs). It's a little bit different. It's not the same. You know what I mean? We thought of adding different members to the New Day. And now to even think of adding another member to the group, it would be a completely different mindset.

Kofi, you've been known for the Royal Rumble spot all these years. What do you think of the girls doing it now?


Kingston: What's the Royal Rumble spot? Winning? That's what I'm trying to do. No, I think it's great, man. I get asked this all the time. Honestly, you're supposed to stay in the ring. That's not my thing. That's everybody's thing. So, the fact that the women are even having a Royal Rumble is a great thing.

There are so many creative minds in there. So to have the platform to unleash that, I think it's an amazing thing. I'm not competing with them. I'm just trying to win my own Royal Rumble. I'm not worried about what the other people are doing in their matches. I thought they did an amazing job. They told an awesome story in the ring.

Big E: It's cool to see Naomi set the precedent. I mean it'd be cool to see every year what she does. But now, Kacey is so insane... she's freakishly athletic and agile at the things she's able to do. Now there's even competition within the women's match to stand out and to do something very memorable.

It's very cool to see so many athletes on the men's side but also see so many women getting the platform and the opportunity to showcase their skills.

Xavier, could we ever see Vince McMahon on UpUpDownDown?

Woods: Milestone. When we hit 5 million subscribers, I'll go knocking on his door.

Kingston: What video game do you think Vince plays?


Woods: I think Vince low key loves video games. He's constantly in his office. He's probably got his headset on, playing Call of Duty.

Big E: I feel like because he's older, people would think it's Pacman. But I feel like he's deep on a First Person Shooter.

Woods: He'll probably go (does a Vince McMahon voice) - 'You suck at this game. I'm taking over the channel now.'

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Published 05 Mar 2019, 11:11 IST
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