WWE Extreme Rules 2020: 3 Things you may have missed

Did you pick up on all of these details at Extreme Rules?
Did you pick up on all of these details at Extreme Rules?
Modified 20 Jul 2020

Extreme Rules was a night full of subtle messages from almost every match on the card. While The Wyatt Swamp Fight could be the one that stands out the most since it gave away numerous hints when it comes to Wyatt's life before The Fiend took over, there were also a number of other hints and small details sprinkled throughout the night.

#3. Bayley "Dos Straps"

For anyone who hasn't been watching WWE TV over the past few months, Bayley currently holds two Championships. Much like "Becky Two Belts" following Becky Lynch's victory at last year's WrestleMania, Bayley needed a cool nickname.

"Bayley Dos Straps" was thus born, and it appears that the company is fine with her using the term "straps" even though it was once a banned phrase. As part of her match against Nikki Cross at Extreme Rules 2020, Bayley actually had "Dos Straps" shaved into the back of her head, something that went completely unnoticed until the SmackDown Women's Champion shared the above image on her Instagram story.

#2. Was Rey Mysterio holding the fake eye?

The "Eye For An Eye" match at Extreme Rules ended when Seth Rollins pushed Rey Mysterio's already-injured eye into the corner of the steel steps, and the former World Champion was then seen with his eye out of its socket.

It has been noted by many Extreme Rules viewers that this was a fake eye and Mysterio was either holding it before he put it under his mask or the referee passed the eye over to him off camera. There are a few instances where Mysterio can be seen with clenched fists before the eye is revealed but obviously the company can't be expected to force one of their stars to actually lose an eye. The fact that Mysterio wasn't seen putting the eye into his mask and that it looked quite realistic in the end was enough to put over the point of the match.

#1. Kairi Sane can't help Asuka?

Kairi Sane was at ringside for the RAW Women's Championship match between Asuka and Sasha Banks at Extreme Rules and was helping to even out the numbers game until she received a Bayley to Belly on the outside.

Sane was seemingly out of the match at that point and it's the reason why she didn't step in and help when Banks and Bayley were taking the title away from Asuka in a controversial manner. However, Sane can be seen handing Asuka the green mist before she spits it at the referee; how is Sane recovered enough straight after to hand her friend the green mist but not to help her fight off Banks and Bayley?

It was earlier teased that Sane wanted a match against Asuka and Extreme Rules could have planted those seeds ahead of that potential bout.

Published 20 Jul 2020
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