WWE Extreme Rules 2020: 5 Important details you probably missed from the Wyatt Swamp Fight

There were many important details inside the Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules
There were many important details inside the Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules

Last night's Horror Show at Extreme Rules was main evented by the first-ever Wyatt Swamp Fight, which saw Braun Strowman return home to the swamp so that he could put his issues with Wyatt to rest.

It was Bray Wyatt who brought Strowman to the main roster as part of The Wyatt Family back in 2015 and he has since always been tied to the man now known as The Fiend. Strowman was able to defeat Bray at Money in the Bank, but Wyatt has since returned to his Cult Leader, Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt persona which set up this match between the two men.

Whilst the Universal Championship wasn't on the line, there was a much bigger reason for this match which ended with The Fiend making his way out of the swamp and potentially setting up a showdown at SummerSlam.

With so much happening in such a small space of time, there were so many important details that fans may have missed in The Wyatt Swamp Fight.

#5. "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"


When Braun Strowman arrived at the Swamp, there was a sign that read "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here" which could be a hint about the Firefly Fun House.

The sign inside the Fun House reads "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Exit Here" which could mean that whoever ends up in the Fun House begin their life at the Swamp and the only way out then is through the Fun House.

Does this mean that much like Bray Wyatt, Strowman will now be stuck inside the Fun House until he is able to defeat The Fiend? Is Wyatt stuck inside the Fun House because he is unable to overcome his internal demons?

#4. Sister Abigail controls all of The Wyatt Family

For a number of years, it has been believed that Sister Abigail has only been controlling her older brother, Bray Wyatt. Abigail has been part of numerous storylines alongside Wyatt including being Abi the Witch inside the Fun House at present.

As part of the Wyatt Swamp Fight last night at Extreme Rules, there was a part where Alexa Bliss appeared with a very different voice and was seemingly calling Strowman back home.

In my opinion, Bliss was an illusion that had come from being bitten by the snake and the voice was Sister Abigail calling The Monster Among Men back home. This means that Abigail also controls other members of The Wyatt Family and can speak to them as she does with Wyatt.

This is an interesting twist and shows just how much power Wyatt's sister still has. Will she be the one who is able to control The Fiend in the end, or is she the reason why The Fiend has so much power?

#3. Was Huskus a real boar before?

When Braun Strowman first arrived at the Wyatt swamp, the Universal Champion looked around and it was made clear that there was a boar there with him. At the time many fans didn't understand the significance of the creature until WWE Universe's Twitter account tweeted out to ask if that was Huskus.

Huskus is best-known as the pig from Wyatt's Firefly Fun House, he regularly eats too much and is in trouble with Vince McMahon for not losing weight. There was a belief that Huskus represents the old Bray Wyatt when he was called Husky Harris, but this could instead be a bigger hint towards his origins.

What if all of the puppets in the Fun House started out as real people or animals in the Swamp and have since been trapped as puppets inside the Fun House alongside Wyatt, who is also quite obviously a prisoner inside his own head? This new twist would definitely give more meaning to The Fiend's character and purpose if he's able to turn enemies into puppets.

#2. Was that supposed to be Luke Harper?

Whenever Bray Wyatt disappeared as part of the match, there were a number of his followers who would descend and look to beat Braun Strowman down. Whilst many of these men were dressed all in black and seemingly insignificant, there was one who was wearing similar attire to Luke Harper.

Harper was released from WWE back in 2019 and is now part of AEW, but during his time in The Wyatt Family, Harper would always wear a white tank top and jeans. It was attire that was very similar to Dean Ambrose at one point, but it was unique to Harper.

Could WWE have wanted to make it seem as though the other members of The Wyatt Family were present as part of this match or at least give them a backstory? With both Erick Rowan and Harper no longer part of WWE, it was strange that the two men were at the swamp with Wyatt, so if this was intentional, it could have been WWE giving the fans some form of closure.

#1. What happened to Erick Rowan?

Erick Rowan was released from WWE back in April alongside a number of other stars, but many fans believed that he would return as part of the Wyatt Swamp Fight. Interestingly, Rowan did actually play his part.

When Braun Strowman was first tied up inside Wyatt's shack, before the former Universal Champion came back with a snake, many fans may have spotted Rowan's mask in the background.

The fact that Strowman was being tortured in that shed at this point leads to the belief that something bad had already happened to Rowan. Perhaps when Rowan became a Bludgeon Brother and left The Wyatt Family, he surrendered his mask to Wyatt before moving on to his upgraded version, or in this storyline, Wyatt is the reason that Erick Rowan is no longer a part of WWE.

Whilst there was nothing noted, seeing the mask in such an eerie setting definitely made it seem as though Rowan was the victim of one of these matches in the past and the mask was still there as a reminder.

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