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WWE Fantasy Match : Aj Styles vs Kenny Omega

Satvik Tiwari
413   //    31 Aug 2018, 10:45 IST

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Will these 2 face each other at the grandest stage of them all?

Aj Styles faced Samoa Joe in a brutal hell in a cell match at the pay-per-view and retained his WWE championship by defeating him. After the match, Aj Styles was celebrating his win with his family but suddenly a man with a joker mask over his face enters the ring and started assaulting Aj Styles. When security came, the man left the ring and ran out of the arena. Everyone was confused.

On following Smackdown live, Aj Styles addresses about the man and called him a piece of shit about which he doesn't care. Then he told that he cares more about the #1 contenders match for WWE Championship at WWE Super Showdown between Daniel Bryan and The Miz.Then the Miz comes and told the crowd that he thinks that the masked man was none other than Daniel Bryan. He also said that Aj Styles as WWE Champion is a joke. He brings down the prestige of the title and The Miz promises that he will bring back the prestige to the WWE Championship after he wins it. Paige makes Aj Styles vs The Miz official main event for that night's show. Daniel Bryan was on the commentary desk during the main event. Aj styles and The Miz were putting on a great match but suddenly the masked man enters the ring and distracts Aj Styles and The Miz takes advantage of that moment and hits Aj styles with skull crushing finale to get the victory. Aj Styles suffered an injury during the match and it was officially announced after the show that he will not compete at WWE Super Showdown.

At WWE Super Showdown The Miz again uses cheap tactics like SummerSlam to defeat Daniel Bryan and become the #1 contender for WWE Championship. On following Smackdown live Miz calls Aj Styles a lazy champion. He said that Aj Styles doesn't want to defend his title at WWE Super Showdown so he makes fake claims to have an injury. Suddenly Aj Styles music hits but during his entrance, the masked man attacked Aj Styles from behind. The Miz laughs at the situation and we went off the air. After the show, it was officially announced that Aj Styles will face The Miz on November 18 at survivor series pay-per-view.

Five hours before the show the match between Aj Styles and The Miz for WWE Championship was given no disqualification stipulation. Their match was going to main event the show. The match starts with Aj Styles having the full control. Although The Miz tries to recover he could not. After some time they started fighting in the crowd and suddenly the Joker masked man distracts Aj Styles. The Miz takes advantage of this distraction and hits a low-blow to Aj Styles. Then he took Aj Styles to the ring hits him with skull crushing finale on the chair to win the WWE Championship. After that, the joker masked man enters the ring and started assaulting Aj Styles with a steel chair. After some shots, he lifts Aj Styles up and hits him with one winged angel on the steel chair. Everyone was shocked. Then the man removed his mask and he was none other than Kenny Omega. The crowd started chanting holy shit and we went off the air.

On following Smackdown Live, Kenny Omega makes his first appearance with CM Punk's 'Best in The World' theme song. Kenny Omega said that he has faced the best talents all over the world but he has never faced AJ Styles in the past. So he challenged him for a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match (TLC) and TLC pay-per-view but Smackdown Live General Manager Paige announced that Aj Styles is not medically cleared to compete at TLC and Royal Rumble pay-per-view. But Kenny Omega will face The Miz at TLC for WWE Championship. After hearing the news the crowd started chanting Yes! and we went off the air. At TLC pay-per-view Kenny Omega defeated The Miz and becomes the new WWE Champion on his debut match. The Miz challenged Kenny Omega for a rematch for the title at Royal Rumble pay-per-view on the following Smackdown Live. Kenny Omega accepts his challenge.

At Royal Rumble pay-per-view Kenny Omega defeats The Miz again to retain his WWE Championship. Now we were heading to the royal rumble match in which the first entrant was Dean Ambrose and the second entrant was Samoa Zoe. We saw the return of The Undertaker, John Cena and JBL but the most memorable moment was the entrance of Aj Styles at number 27. Aj Styles made his return to the ring after two months. Aj Styles eliminated Kane, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler from the match and we were left with our final two Aj Styles and John Cena in the ring. They exchanged some punches and gave us a phenomenal fight but at last Aj Styles eliminated John Cena to become the 2019 Royal Rumble Winner. Aj Styles intentions were clear that he wants to face Kenny Omega at Wrestlemania 35.

On following Smackdown Live Kenny Omega got a challenge for the WWE Championship by Samoa Zoe, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy. Paige announced that Kenny Omega will defend his WWE Championship inside Elimination Chamber at Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. After we went off air Aj Styles attacks Kenny Omega from behind. He beats Kenny Omega so badly that the Kenny Omega was busted open. After that Aj Styles was suspended for one month i.e. till Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. At Elimination Chamber, Kenny Omega wins by last eliminating Samoa Joe to retain his title. After the match, Aj Styles attacks Kenny Omega again and gave him a psychotic torturer. On following Smackdown Live Aj Styles was suspended again by Paige until Wrestlemania for his actions but Aj Styles got his hands on Kenny Omega every week. At go home Smackdown Live, Aj Styles challenged Kenny Omega for a Hell in a Cell match for the title at Wrestlemania 35. Kenny Omega accepted his challenge and they both faced each other at Wrestlemania 35 and gave us a dream match.

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