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WWE Fastlane 2019: 7 Shocking decisions WWE could make

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08 Mar 2019, 14:00 IST

#2 The Kevin Owens Show

KO for World Champion anyone?
KO for World Champion anyone?

The career of Kevin Owens has been a weird one, as just a few months ago the former Universal Champion had been thrown about inside a mobile toilet, while today he is preparing to challenge for the WWE Title. And if you think that booking is so inconsistent, well, welcome to the WWE.

Moreover, the fact that KO is actually credible enough to walk out of Fastlane with WWE Title speaks volumes of the man's character and how damn good the former NXT Champion is right now, as he can fill any role.

While many have concluded that this match is just filler until a robbed Kofi Kingston gets his opportunity at WrestleMania, what If we all wrong and KO comes away with the gold?

This could be a shocking possibility for the WWE Title, as certain speculation over the last few weeks has indicated that WWE could end up doing a multi-man WWE Title match at WrestleMania.

As with Kofi, Owens, Daniel Bryan and the now returning Mustafa Ali in the mix, this seems plausible, and while most fans desire Bryan vs Kofi at the biggest event in wrestling, WWE could go for this alternative.

Owens winning the WWE Title could be done for shock value, or it could signify a new beginning for the underrated genius, whatever WWE chooses, if Owens does win the WWE Title, it will truly be a night he won't ever forget.

And one that fans won't either, as this is a match that could alter the Smackdown Live main event scene.

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