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WWE/GFW News: Former X Division Champion reveals the real reason for Samoa Joe & AJ Styles' success in WWE

Riju Dasgupta
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Low Ki attributed their success to their work ethic
Low Ki attributed their success to their work ethic

What's the story?

In the current WWE landscape, we see many superstars who were formerly employed by TNA/GFW in the top spots, most notably AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

I was part of a teleconference with X Division stars Low-Ki, Trevor Lee and Sonjay Dutt recently, and Low-Ki drew a parallel between their success and the hard work each man put in.

In case you didn't know...

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe put TNA on the map, with several high octane performances in the uniquely styled X Division, where they wrestled many matches against Low-Ki.

While Low-Ki returned to the company recently to become X Division Champion yet again (he lost it to Sonjay Dutt in India), Styles and Joe went to WWE and bagged some of the top spots in the company. I asked them about their thoughts on these men at the top of the world's largest wrestling promotion, and Low-Ki replied very elegantly.

The heart of the matter

Both Sonjay Dutt and Low-Ki heaped praise upon Styles and Joe. Low-Ki summarised his feelings perfectly:

'I know it's deserving because I know how hard each of these men work. I have been in the ring and I have experienced their competitive levels first hand. I can attest to the work ethic that they have for them to be in that position and also maintain these positions.'

Low-Ki said that these men were in those spots because they had earned it with their hard work and not because of some 'fluke'. It's heartening to hear his words of support for their former comrades.

What's next?

Low-Ki joined the heel stable LAX last week on Impact, while AJ Styles and Samoa Joe compete in high profile matches at SummerSlam. We're glad to see each man is making history, in his own unique way.

Author's take

The X-Division at its peak changed the way that professional wrestling was performed. These three men, alongside Sonjay Dutt and many others, were the pioneers who transformed professional wrestling into a more aggressive, breathtaking form of art.

It's great to see these men look out for one another, so many years later.

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