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WWE/GFW News: Reby Hardy says battle for Broken Gimmick is about vengeance

Simon Cotton
5.63K   //    04 Aug 2017, 00:16 IST

The happy
The Hardy Family aren't ready to give up on the gimmick they created

What’s the story?

The battle over the Broken Gimmick between The Hardy Boyz and Anthem has been a long, drawn out the issue, but Reby Hardy doesn’t intend to yield to Anthem anytime soon.

During an appearance on the Pro Wrestling Sheet Podcast, Reby said that she had a “need for vengeance” against GFW.

In case you didn’t know...

The Hardy Boyz left GFW/ Impact Wrestling following a contract dispute with Anthem Sports, who allegedly wanted to cut The Hardy Boyz pay and take 10% of their independent bookings. The Hardys continued using the Broken Gimmick in other promotions until they received a cease and desist letter from Anthem Sports.

This leads to The Hardys abandoning the Broken Gimmick and attempting to reach a deal to use the gimmick without issue. It was rumoured that they were close to a deal, but that was shut down during a press conference with GFW when Jeff Jarrett denied any deal.

The heart of the matter

Reby claimed that GFW was hoping that the Hardy Family gave up on attaining rights to the Broken Gimmick; she also said that GFW was underestimating her need for vengeance.

“I’m pretty sure they’ve been betting on the fact that we were just going to get bored or going to get tired. But I think everybody is kind of underestimating my level of petty. And my level, my need for vengeance.”

Reby went on to state that the fight for the Broken Gimmick wasn’t about getting any money from WWE, but more about doing what’s right.

“It’s never been about money. It’s more about the principle of things. And I think on their end, it more about ego. And for me personally, I don’t know about Matt, it’s more about doing the right thing really.”

What’s next?

The Hardy Boys claimed they were woken in a backstage interview after Monday Night Raw; this may be their attempt at getting around the issues with using the Broken Gimmick. However, it is likely that this is nothing more than a tease.

Author’s take

Whether the Hardy Boyz get to use the gimmick or not, GFW doesn't exactly come out of this situation smelling like roses. A large section of the professional wrestling fan base has sided with the Hardys and would like to see them tap into their broken personas again.

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