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WWE Hell in a Cell 2019: 4 booking mistakes that were made 

4.68K   //    08 Oct 2019, 01:50 IST

WWE managed to book themselves into a corner at Hell in a Cell
WWE managed to book themselves into a corner at Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell marked the end of a huge week, not just for WWE, but for wrestling as a whole. The company proved just how popular the business is as part of their switch over to FOX on Friday night, whilst AEW was able to take the slot that WCW made vacant more than two decades ago and are now seen as WWE's biggest competition.

Hell in a Cell had just four matches officially announced an hour before the show went live from Sacramento, California, but more matches were revealed through backstage segments throughout the show and it actually ended up being a stacked night of entertainment.

WWE's "wildcard rule" comes to an end this week as the upcoming WWE Draft means that superstars will have to stay on their parent brand, so it was made pretty obvious that many of the booking decisions were designed with the Draft in mind.

Even though it could be argued that Hell in a Cell was solid pay-per-view from beginning to end, there were still many booking mistakes that were made throughout.

#4. Charlotte is a 10-time Champion.

Charlotte is now the Women's Champion once again
Charlotte is now the Women's Champion once again

It was obvious that the minute Charlotte stepped back into the Women's Championship picture, Bayley stood no chance. It appears that WWE wants Charlotte to become a 16-time Champion like her father before the end of 2020.

The current Women's Champion has managed to amass 10 title reigns in just four years since she was promoted to the main roster, without including the Championship reign she had during her stint in NXT.

This is the fastest that any star in WWE history has become a record-setting 10-time Champion. Even though it's obvious that this is because WWE sees Charlotte as the apex of their Women's Division, it also seems as though it's more of a problem than something that the company should celebrate. Perhaps it's time to give someone else a chance in the spotlight?

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